Sunday, November 8, 2015

Going Beyond Literary Proofs of Perpetual Motion


What is a principle of proportional advantage?

It occurs when relating two separate points. One point is moving horizontally, and the other is moving vertically. If you take the sum of their movements, they are necessarily shorter than some diagonal distance between the two dimensions of space. There, you have proportional advantage, which can be sustained through mass-mass interactions.

Theoretically, goodbye, Noether's Theorem (there is a proportional advantage, after all!)

A mass can move an equal mass the same distance, when the first moving mass is unsupported, and the second mass is supported partly on the horizontal.

Relatively, goodbye, First Law of Thermodynamics (in principle, then, heat can be created from rest).

Dominoes that don't always have to be reset.

Goodbye, Second Law of Thermodynamics! (Heat energy can emerge almost arbitrarily).

Goodbye, Universal Newtonian Laws.

Some rare systems have a variety of different properties of sustainable heat composition.

Goodbye, Third Law of Thermodynamics, I miss you!

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