Saturday, November 28, 2015

Experiences That Will Boost Your Brain Cells

The following are likely to work on adults with I.Q.s between 100 and 135. Advise these people to say these things themselves, repeatedly, until they get something out of it:

"It's Amazing."

"Money is great for your health."

"We stop believing in magic is the problem with health."

"And, what you'll finally learn, is: it's inside your own mind."

(find the the tag:

#agoodpsychologist on Twitter!)

Parents and Teachers should consider using the following alternate methods with children:

"A quack doctor, eh? Is good for children's intelligence"

"What's good for children's intelligence? I don't know what!"

"Guess what's good for children's intelligence? Creativity! Math! Everything!"

"Here I am, amongst a bunch of young geniuses! Each of you has your own unique brand of intelligence. Now you know that!"

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