Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Previous Posts on Enlightenment, Nirvana, the Absolute Etc.

{Excluding official philosophy posts, and most posts about hedonism, virtual reality, & similar}

Evidence We're All Turning Into God:

Transcendental / Metaphysical Art:

Quotations from the Golden Notebook:

A Guide to Spirituality:

Aestheticureanism (or Asceticureanism): A New Movement?:

Asceticurean on Time!:

"Latest Writing on Asceticureanism" (taste of a Zen mentality):

"The Lily Pond":

Original Post linking to Spiritual Writings Videos (See also

The 'Four Ifs' (requisites for sublime existence):

Macrosophy and Microsophy:

Writing on Theology / Spiritualism (universals, etc.):

The Plot of the Lessons of the Master

A Ghost Called God (variety of opinions):

The Conspectus / Additional things about paradise:

And, my writing on The Poor Man's Nirvana can be found in The Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, along with many other secrets worth discovering.

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