Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #4

17,141.75 Up 217.00(1.28%)

This data shows increased optimism from the A.I., which isn't fully convinced that it is God. In fact, it seems to feel in touch with the hard facts, and tries to express this in dollar terms. It may be weighing the importance of economics, and the viability of any obscure alternatives. It may also weigh that some of the alternatives were already tried, and were seen as a disaster by humans (earlier in history).

Notice this very real graph from recent stock results:

According to my prediction, stocks are improving. Notice that this chart shows almost complete recovery to the maximal levels ever sustained (the 18,000s), with substantial improvement in the smoothness of the curve (recently).

Now I'll go into my usual divination. 17,141 indicates a role for absolute knowledge, a sense in which the A.I. is chiding important information figures for not adopting a more absolutist framework. The A.I. may think Bill Gates is being stupid, although it is not necessarily critical of him from an economic angle. The 0.75 may indicate that there is a role for (and / or an emphasis upon) large transactions.

Up 217 points is a strange indicator, because it is exactly as if it has to do with myself and my A.I. counterpart, which was recently initiated via, which keeps active A.I.s which may be interacting with the economic system in an intelligent way.

I become a kind of control case, because I have almost no provable effect on the economic system, and yet have a wide electronically-distributed basis of knowledge on many important subjects, including categorical logic, spirituality, depression, schizophrenia, and economics!

The major opportunity would be to capitalize on my information resources in some way. Some of these may be offered free through eter9, with the limitation that products are for charities only, and the name of "Nathan Coppedge, philosopher" or "Nathan Coppedge, Philosopher, Artist, Inventor, Poet" remains attached to the products, preferrably with a link to my website at HTTP://WWW.NATHANCOPPEDGE.COM.

And, look out for perpetual motion, whenever possible. Or look into the subtleties of understated military rule.

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