Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My earnings as an author...






$269.99, some of it unpaid in that year ($85.27 subtracted out because it was not earned yet).


$254.66 earned by Oct. 21st.


Almost $500.

(But note also that I'm trying to dig myself out of the money I spent on Authorhouse, which was probably at least $1200. So, technically I'm still in the hole). My current publisher (Amazon/ CreateSpace) is the only reason I have any earnings potential, besides the content of my books.

The above includes both texts and e-books.

Notice, the exponential curve has dropped off.  I suspect this is because of poor marketing from my publisher.

But, at least the year has not been worse than last, if I assume some continued sales in Nov - Dec.

My author page may be found at: 
notably I have not sold copies of The Structure of Philosophical Revolutions yet (It's been about a week or two).

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