Saturday, October 24, 2015


'New dimensions of dimension' could mean different physical properties. So far as we know, the best theory is that that is created by cognitive control (intelligence), or perhaps contact with a black hole, wormhole, or alien technology. A second theory is that there is a different path in relation to the origin. In which case, the philosophers are still out on that one. We don't even know if we have free will. If we don't know, then we can't know whether the metaverse theories of multiple dimensions are just a mind game or not! Maybe it's like a marble game where there are a lot of extra chutes that don't do anything, and the marble always goes down the same route! But, what if free will is possible to some degree? What if we can shake the chutes somehow, and even cause the marble to go upside down? In that case, dimensions are just thinking abilities! Or, logically systematized forms of thought! With enough exaggeration, we could look at anything, and determine that it meant something rather profound and influential on other objects! In that case, it seems that absence of energy is the only argument against free will!

In other words, if time is only as determined as marbles going down the chute, then energy is enough to cancel some of the effects of time! Energy exists, so the only argument against free-will would be absolute lack of understanding, or a requirement for absolute energy, which is unreasonable. For example, wouldn't a small amount of energy determine the past, rather than the future? So, wouldn't a large amount of energy determine the distant past?

According to relativity, we have free will, and we are constantly transgressinng dimensions, because there is no other relation of past and future than arbitrating between larger and smaller amounts of energy.

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