Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Instructive Note on the Bessler Wheel: The Secret Revealed? By Nathan Coppedge

This diagram (modified from Simanek) shows the details of the famous Bessler's Wheel. It has been famously unguessable.

Perhaps now I have discovered the secret: the wheel itself is weighted (unbalanced) and pivots not around the lower, torqued position, but rather around the more ordinary pin above where it is normally supposed to have worked.

The lower pin is then used simply to create actions on the upper pin by the use of the lever-looking things. There may or may not also be an almond-shaped thing used to track a weight so as to have little resistance to the pushes from the levers. There may also be a ball-on-a-string attached to each lever, allowing some sort of unbalanced motion in relation to the already unbalanced wheel. Some of this may take place through fixed elements similar to tracks or pulleys, as in my (different) designs.

Have I guessed it? Decide for yourself!

This might be real perpetual motion!

Bessler lived in the 1600's to 1700's and was known to have shown a purported working model to nobility.

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