Friday, October 30, 2015

Additional Life / Immortal Concepts


The Challenging Heaven: the heaven that is a difficult combination is a mechanism for achieving happiness in the immortal life. The mechanism lies within the mind. Heaven is everywhere, somewhat like a computer waiting to be hacked. Even problems can be solutions.

The Little Pyramid: sometimes we find a little series of platforms, like notches or shelves in an angled wall. This is an opportunity to grow our ability to transcend the ordinary, by imagining where we are on the plateau (usually where our eyes are), and imagining that we can climb a little further. The epic is simple struggling with our body. But the acheivement is the opposite: something extraordinary.

The Neglected Divining Tools: happenstantial sticks and so on can be seen as neglected divining tools. As such, they are divine.

The Silver Lining: A small bright shell amidst dirty debris, a slightly more complex pattern in a piece of cloth, someone slightly more self-conscious in a crowd: these types of things can give hints of a sliver lining, a life that is elevated into extraordinary realizations, states of self-appreciation and self-awareness. They involve a capacity of interpretation, an additional depth that goes beyond the typical.

These four stages can also be seen as: Gem, Sticks, Chinese Things, and Heaven.

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