Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trans-Humanism Pt. II (Trans-Humanism is the movement that lies between Humanism and Post-Humanism, relating to turning into Cyborgs, Gods, Virtual Acolytes, etc.)

Is it the future that is an illusion, or is it the past that improves?

Trans-humans might be tempted by the future, but they have great potential to improve the 'past'!

Only, the real past hardly exists anymore!

People can work on their 'God levels'.

And improve either one --- improve either identity ---

Past, Present, Future!

They can have an office in any one!

{It depends on authentic historians, authentic politicians}

Meanwhile, their biological clock ticks...

But if what matters is information, the structure of some concept of the past, present, and future can be preserved simultaneously...

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