Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My First Poems in German

These are un-published poems dating from yesterday.


Teil, Teil Aut Permeinen
Warbel, Warbel, Aut Sublienen
Torbel, Torbel, Mortel-Mund
Sublim Studdel, Unne Tortel-Wund
Mach Stich Rudden
Tornn Tach Ludden
Mader Wunder Fadder Carr
Sach Tunn Rubich
Nach 'Tich' Warre

Intended Translation:

Parts, parts of eternity
Crazy, crazy with sublimity
Torsion, torsion of the mortal world
A subtle stumble, a turtle-wound
Make crude stitches
Turn on lucid power
Mother wonders, father cares
Steal ten rubies
Night-time war


Magistren Ranen
Frischte Tunn Roonan
Gott Hie Tront Rulle
Grob Stormme Und Sulle
Cormandat Und Heit

Intended Translation:

The magister reigns
Frightening much space---
His high trumping rule!
Got storm and seal
Commanding at height.

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