Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The efficiency occurs before the books are published. One compounds the most meaningful materials, to get the best result. If one is a conventional author, then this means that the editing process leaves many unfinished pieces which can later be gathered up to continue the momentum. But hardly anyone publishes that way anymore. What is more advisable now is to simply build up enough initial momentum to publish a great deal at the same time. This will provide more exposure, and the overwhelm of content will excite readers.

One acquires 'baseline support' when a significant number of books are published. Small numbers of sales will occur almost automatically, provided you have had success before. It may be important to have one or more major titles, which requires being known for something, or having some sort of excellent business connection. Also, be sure to spread the word by mouth whenever you can.

Make sure your books are not too cheap or too expensive to buy. People distrust cheap content, and sometimes will never buy a book priced at $40 - $60.

Sketch out some plans about where you are going with your materials. What obsesses you? What are your best ideas? Try to base a book on the concepts that seem most intellectual, most charming, most bizarre---whatever term is best-suited to be your buzzword.

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