Sunday, September 27, 2015

Branding Tips from Nathan Coppedge

I've been getting advice from my therapist to think of myself as a successful person. So, I'm going to get slightly on the successful people boat. All successful people write about branding. Everyone knows that. So, here is my ideosyncratic advice on this common subject.

Choose categories that relate to your key personality or intellectual traits.

Make sure you have a product to sell in the marketplace. This may involve establishing a connection with major companies. Avoid spending money on anybody, unless you can help it. Ideally, you produce a product for free, and get money in return when it is cheaply produced. Whoever you work with gets a cut which is higher than the expense of manufacture, but lower than the total price. Your royalty is subtracted from the total price. Therefore, there is no reason to pay money unless you have bad connections, or if you think you need to be lazy about more than one aspect of designing the product. Most companies will give you small breaks, but they don't always give you a sticker break, so in the long-term, avoid bad companies.

Develop keywords (terms related to you), to use on the internet to advertise your personal brand.

Begin advertising your brand. Avoid displaying off-putting information, and make sure you fit a particular consumer mentality (such as students, parents, business-people, or charities).

Motivated by your brand, become highly productive. Usually this means producing to maximize both creativity and quantity of products. Think of the overall quality of the product whenever your marketing is failing.

Now, develop your public image. You need to become the person you have been advertising all along. That is the final key to success. It sounds evil, but if you're devoted to what you're doing, then it is worth it.

---Nathan Coppedge
philosopher, artist, inventor, poet
September 27, 2015
reproduced from an earlier writing on some random forum (by Nathan Coppedge).

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