Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Imagine that I'm walking in Plato's Cave.

I'm supposed to deny the abstract against God...

Are they saying all I am is selfishness?

Are they saying God has no Soul?

I try to talk to myself, and what I hear

Are people trying to talk to me!

They tell me, this is how you have an experience

Inside Plato's Cave!

This is the ultimate reality that doesn't solve one problem!

And when I speak back,

They always tell me that I'm being surprisingly clear!

Too clear for my intelligence, in fact!

I may have solved one problem, but because

I'm in Plato's cave, there's always approximately

Infinite problems left.

But really, if I could just talk to myself,

That would replace the God concept

And there would be no need for babbling

About caves and problems.

They tell me one-to-one----

I need to be a parasite!

I need to stab you in the back!

To get out of the cave!

If I repeat this back to them,

They say Get Out!

Now they say the worst thing in the world

Is to leave the Cave of Paradise----

something God already thought of----

Because he left the Cave himself!

But that's not good history----

So it must not be God's real story!

So far as I know, I'm God if I talk to myself!

That's not contradictory!

That's not bigamy!

That's not the Devil's Dictionary!

It's as plain as daylight inside the cave!

The cave of my own mind!

The relevance of my own problems!

When was I ever unwise?

About the time someone used the word 'survival'-----

To refer to the idea that I was already dead!

Because they were confused in the head-----

Perhaps because they had left the cave themselves!

An obsesion with a dead God murdered-----

By losing innocence!

The worst things happen to those that do exactly what happened!

That's what everyone says!

And it's not such a bad idea!

To the clearest mind there's nothing wrong with ignorance!

It's the most creative, original condition of history!

Meaningful things happen when crazy people discover reality!

Open a book and you find some mention of their prodigy!

The figure dwarfed by architecture!

The soggy newspaper!

The spilled bottle of ink!

The discarded lunchbox!

These people moved to a better reality!

And there is no evidence that they followed any other path than you and me!

But try a perspective that fits!

The smell of cantaloupe!

The perfect memory of the most euphoric candy!

Or some other wonderful myth that was realized for some time----as though immortal!

In the drench of this stuff, anyone could be a mad demented clown!

There's nothing wrong with it!

I'ts just a noticeable coincidence that none of these people are mad demented clowns!

It's too significant! It's a feverish dish.

It's half-remembering falling in a ditch.

It's the last pitch.

People aren't such lunatics as to ignore the paths that do not come.

They just realize the dream.

And the dream is dumb.

Change the dream!

Witness the clowns take a walk in the park!

Of course, the real people will be dropping their lunch pails and spilling ink.

But nothing is left of the true reality!

People stink!

People are educated fools!

Out of the murk of sanity comes peopled abundance!

Shops merge! Lyrics profilactate!

Gone are the days when miracles were small!

Small days will come and go when people were basically gods....

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