Sunday, September 6, 2015



I  have thought about it, and what is a beginning-point?

It is no more than perfection!

Without perfection, there is no beginning!

Out of perfection, life is a storming for the future!


People are more than what they make!

The jewelry-maker is indebted to the thief!

The rich man is indebted to the whore!

Out of sad things comes the most intentional business!

Perhaps for this reason, and no other, evil pleases children!


For many people, madness is like mana from heaven.

They were waiting for something to prove something.

They were waiting for proof, and they hoped for the best.

But when things couldn't get worse, they got better.

And when they couldn't prove that things wouldn't get worse, then things remained pretty bad.

So, (right now) life is stupid, because it improves for people that don't improve.

It stays crazy for people that mean the best.


On the future...

Perhaps the gods or aliens (or whoever they are) want us to die to become our own children: that would explain how pride is a sin!

Of course, the average man doesn't want to die of politeness, for that reason!

Men see their fate within their past, and their own potential as the doctoring of their past...!

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