Sunday, September 20, 2015


"If I'm god, it's always possible that I'm mortal: unless I'm immortal: this leads to categoric philosophy called Omni-Science."

"I'm good, so I'm god of myself. The best thing is to get what I want. It's necessarily a compromise, because I'm not God. Any compromise pays for some type of everything. With sufficient everythings, nothing goes wrong. Even illness must be well-studied, and there is no study without the experience of existing. With the theory of existence one can begin to study existentialism: the modalities of meaning which compose life." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Pleasure as we know it is brilliant pain: real pleasure is a feeling of nothingness. The feeling of nothingness is neither rational or irrational. Thus, it is foundational for system. Out of system, form comes. When it is granted property, it can be called dimensional." ---Nathan Coppedge

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