Thursday, September 24, 2015


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What is real is real. What is IS. 1 + 1 = 2. Cogito Ergo Sum. Psychological argument: The emotions are valuable parts of who we are, therefore we should be romantics. Or, mathematics is what describes reality, therefore mathematics is the nature of reality. Wisdom involves withdrawing from the world to avoid sin. Or, it is the larger body of people that is most important. Love is truth / metaphysics, etc. so knowledge is irrational, and strength is determinative, but not always desired. Polemic is necessary to make an argument, and polemics involve strength, because it is strength that makes decisions. Elitism is good, but does not always have strength, whether or not we are irrational or strong. Ideas are the greatest thing, because they are the most true, and they are trustworthy because they are good. Or, pleasure is the greatest good because it is what satisfies the body. And higher pleasures are good, too, which leads back to ideas. Experience is valid, because experience is what we can know. Metaphysics is valid because metaphysics is most true. The universe is determined because effect follows cause in every case. We have free will because the universe is open and there is no law against it (games, etc.). Free will is possible because we can oppose opposition. We should teach students because there are things they don't know. We should value commonsense because it appeals to the oldest knowledge. We should globalize, because it serves our economic interest. We should remain nationalistic to protect our security on the global scene. There is evidence of God in the perfection of the things in the world. We should be pragmatic, because we need an ethical principle that does not require God.

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