Friday, August 21, 2015

The "Day in Which I Out-Did Isaac Newton"---As No Other Than Isaac Newton

You don't have to agree that I'm more intelligent, just that I might... might have a concept in my mind, on this most improbable of worlds.

I built a model proving the example of energy ex-nihilo, depending with light importance on the concept of a zero-sum game, and also (also lightly), on the principle of motion from rest.

The model demonstrated to my satisfaction that while nothing could be got from nothing, in particular arrangements of a material propensity, energy might be had from the concomitant effect of one part acting upon another, much as mass is known to continually pull upon a horizontal tether when directed sideways by a sloped angle.

I concocted four principles which explain the propensity for eternal motion.

Then I put my mind to prove that gamma waves could convex over the problem of reverse gravity---and constructed an experiment which showed (with due caution to error), that an object consisting of a marble sphere, might rise upward of its own volition...!

There was an inquisitor, who stated that I could not possibly out-do my own work from merely 200 years ago...

That's terribly what they think when they're not the inventor of perpetual motion...!

Actually, not all of it happened in one day, and some of it is in doubt.

Or, for a "treat" see my Physics & Engineering Papers:

I also have a book accounting of my experiments called The Scientific Papers, and another book in progress called The Scientific Theories, which has Aristotle and social science in mind.

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