Saturday, August 29, 2015

For those that have missed me the past few days...

I have been updating a computer with Windows 8, and it has been very frustrating. I plan to return to blog posting consistently soon, if I can.

I'm also beginning enrollment in a philosophy class this coming semester----'Early Modern Philosophy', including Locke, Hume, Kant, and the like, taught by professor Volkman at SCSU.

Those that have had his tougher courses can empathize with me. I may be an 'A' or 'B' student, but this guy makes me wonder...

From what I remember, I've only once gotten a 'B' in a philosophy course, and ironically it was a class called 'Problems in Philosophy'. I got a B+, which from a divinatory point of view, is probably the perfect grade. (there's another class I think may have gotten a 'B' in --- Moral Machines, but I think perhaps it was an 'A' in the end...)  Still, I kind of wish the professor had been less emotional about his grading system. I wrote more intelligent content than the other students, from my point of view. But the professor was from California, and didn't like analytic oriented writing for some reason. And evidently, he hates categorical writing. That was a Professor Rex Gilliland.

I also took a class by Volkman on ethics that I had to exchange for an incomplete, because I was going through a mental crisis. That was about 10 years ago. Hopefully I won't continue to go through problems like this. Some of the classes have gone well recently (a string of A's and B's), but about two years ago I had to quit Biology 101 because I was feeling physically ill. Eventually I will have to pass Biology to earn my degree, but it looks daunting. Same for Spanish. Not a great subject for me.

I'm also a little bit angry that I have to take classes in Political Science, and Geography and / or Earth Science.

It may be a while still before I graduate. But at least I've published more papers on a certain website than any of my professors...! See for yourself (not officially published papers, but nonetheless, intelligent content):

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