Sunday, July 26, 2015

"THE LILY POND" From the Dimensional Exceptionist's Toolkit (work in process)


One might say everything returns to a Lily Pond. It is a place of contemplation. It is also the locus of some exceptional conditions. For example, the lilies are focuses of contemplation, for realizing both complex and simple truths. The lily pads show how life is incomplete, even when it is total! And the stems show the history of the ancient reality behind even lily pads and lotuses. Occasionally the meditator is distracted---is it perhaps a small figure of a Buddha, or a bull-frog on the lily-pad? But the thoughts often return to the pond, even when the patterns in the sounds include the frog. Lily-pads can be found anywhere---even at the Smithsonian! So, what is wrong with rooting some exceptional things in this ‘screen’ or ‘litmus’ of contemplation? Moving beyond it would be rather profound, some say impossible! Yet it is not always the last thing, sometimes it comes early in life. Sometimes it comes before one has died! Sometimes it is the focus of the contemplative life! Discard it, if you must! However its form lingers in the mind! Genders come here, logics come here, to get advice about their eternal prospects! Sometimes war has spilled blood on the lilies, and beauty has been known to wander here! Nothing is completely crass beside the lilly, unless the pond is ruined! There is a role for a gardener! Like a statistician, or spiritual teacher---making the last ends meet for the minds of the young! The pond is not gone! Somewhere, there is a pond, and it subsists many ideas!


"The Lily Pond", from The Dimensional Exceptionist's Toolkit

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