Sunday, July 26, 2015

Processes, Stages, Levels, and Paths

A process appears to move in a contingent direction.

A stage develops one way, then another.

Levels are meant to improve, but sometimes return.

It is paths that have logic.

What do we choose? Where do we go?

What matters? At what point do we return?

Life is full of paths, levels, processes, and stages.

Must we know our way?

Or will it be constructed for us?

What is the secret?

Where is the answer?

For if we travel on a path without stages, we may not get far...

Yet it may be opposite for a process without levels...

Therefore, process-path, process-stage, level-path, and level-stage are intermediate.

If we deal just with stages and processes, we move backwards.

If we deal just with levels and paths, there is no content.

Therefore, first a path, then:

process-stage, then level-stage, then level-path, then process-path,

And ultimately, a process without levels...

That may be significant for the dimensional coherent contingency plan.

Or simply a sample of etiology.

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