Monday, July 13, 2015

NEW QUOTES (July 1st - July 12th, 2015)

"It takes infinite variables to create an infinite universe. And when it comes down to it, some variables are not mere variables, but qualities, modes, and systems" ---Nathan Coppedge

"[On society:] I think it's a systemic failure. But the system is improving. People have been passing away too frequently to know that it improves. Recent psychology valued confidence and took improvement for granted. The result was pessimism". ---Nathan Coppedge

"I think different people have different needs. If they have the same needs, then they can be met by mass production". ---Nathan Coppedge

"A functional society can be provided resources easily with mass production. Where there is demand for services, because of robotics, there is demand for creative potential. Where there is no demand for services, then there is a guarantee that needs can be met. Therefore, whether or not there is a demand for services, there is some capacity to meet the need". ---Nathan Coppedge

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