Saturday, July 11, 2015


I have come across a series of writings with relatively profound qualities. The work is by the nearly-anonymous Richard R. I will do my best to translate the sincere philosophical investigations of this person, who I take to be young and sincere in his pursuits of philosophy.

"Perhaps an understanding of sound could not come without an understanding of all senses." ---Richard R. [July 10 / 2015]

Each sense is a macrame of its sensibilia. ---Nathan Coppedge

"Thus, for sight there seems to be an immediate/non-immediate way of distributing the terms." ---Richard R. [July 10 / 2015]

If within is without, without is within ---Nathan Coppedge

"For any sound, one cannot create the sound themselves and even if they did they would already have to be an ounce or a sprinkle of forgetfulness in/with the thing, because if one can/could hear the thing then it must already be there.  For any sound then, the cause is completely lost." ---Richard R. [July 10 / 2015]

Sound is in some way psychic, is what one must conclude, to hear a symphony ---Nathan Coppedge

For Richard's information, the general method, if you have patience for it, has been:

Real jolts ---> Big jumps

"All sounds then are not sounds, but noises." ---Richard R. [July 10 / 2015]

Here, I agree. And (surprisingly) I have said the exact same thing already on Yahoo! Answers.

"So I don’t remember my alien mother or my alien father." ---Richard R. [July 4 / 2015]

We relatively exist ---Nathan Coppedge

"For this theory to work everything must be covered in guilt ... as it could always still have a memory of the thing but misidentify the thing itself, and yet still act with it through a misinterpretation that could exist as a misidentification but not as something that could use the thing differently then it was designed to be used..." ---Richard R. [July 9th, 2015]

Or, perhaps what he meant was that one must design a new purpose for the thing, e.g. metaphysics, which it did not originally have...

Overall, I give Richard R. high marks for his profound thoughts, many of them being ones I wished I had had myself (rather recently).

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James R. said...

I am quite overwhelmed. Thank you for your kind words. I have just started on blogger and truthfully I didn't think that anyone would care. I followed your blog. I don't know how else to say thanks. If you have anything to say/critique then I am more than willing to listen. I will, as well, be as harsh as I can onto/unto whatever theories you yourself seem to have concocted.