Saturday, June 27, 2015


A treat originally written in The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit as "(The) Tracery View". (not yet published in book form as of June 2015):

Here are the twenty-one dimensions or levels of critique, which apply to aspects of all dimensions:

[1] Infinite extension of no content.
[2] Content that consists of extension.
[3] Extension of something more complex.
[4] Complex extension.
[5] Complex extension of something complex.
[6] Complexes of complexity by some more complex process than complex extension.
[7] Double-complexity.
[8] Ambiguous extension of content.
[9] Extension of double-complexity.
[10] Complex extension of double-complexity.
[11] Complex, ambiguous extension.
[12] Double-complex extension of double-complexity.
[13] Double-complex complexes doubly-complexly extended.
[14] Triple complexity
[15] Arbitrary extension of content.
[16] Extension of triple-complexity.
[17] Complex or doubly-complex extension of triple-complexity.
[18] More-than-complex, arbitrary extension.
[19] Triply-complex extension of triple-complexity.
[20] Triply-complex complexes triply-complexly extended.
[21] Quadruple complexity.

Qualified writing: <[May need new concepts eventually]>

Also, the academic article version uploaded finally:

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