Sunday, May 10, 2015


Some months ago I wrote this piece for my forthcoming book, The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit. If you like it, perhaps consider purchasing the book. Not all of the material is like this, but it has a lot of things about aesthetics and perception.

PHENOMENAL REGIMEN: Phenomenology can be used as a regimen, and as such, it is not just meditation or being open-minded, but may involve a series of windows which open into a larger life. These descriptions show a kind of rhetorical approach to discovering the wider life we may choose to live:

(A) At first, you may not know it.

(B) But, life has problems.

(C) Fortunately, you can solve them.

(D) If you can’t solve them, you have a bargaining chip to get what you want anyway.

(E) So, now you know, that one can be lazy under this condition of having secured the right life.

(F) Being lazy does not always mean that one is inactive. It is still possible to physically exercise even if you are living this life of leisure.

(G) None of this says anything against having an imagination, except the existence of problems.

(H) One CAN have an imagination about problems.

(I) Beyond a certain point, a problem that is called a problem is no longer a problem. The imagination has succeeded to make the thought into something more interesting.

(J) At this point, you yourself either are or aren’t a problem. You are either solvable (a problem concerned with itself), or completely free of problems.

(K) You can live the life of solving yourself, or you can live the life of being problem-free.

(L) Take a breath of fresh air. I have just explained how life can both accommodate work, and accommodate tremendous freedom of imagination.

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