Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A young woman is curious about whether I'm a genius

Do I do 47 impossible things before breakfast? Yes and no. The subtle part of my brain is very focused on impossible things, but my waking life is linguistically dull, and focused on manufacturing products for the web, books, artwork, etc. It's the typical thing about productivity. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, people sometimes lose interest, unless someone seems intense and focused (like Picasso). I have my medication counting against me, along with my lack of a professorship. But if it counts for anything, I have more document views than my recent professor at an academic webpage ( It's not peer-review, but I have over 100 papers there, and have been getting daily traffic reading those papers.

Seems like progress to me. I've always thought popularity was a large part of the battle. I'm not as gifted as some of my relatives, and I have large ears that stick out. But I've made it my project to fill in some of the missing gaps in the world's aphorisms, etc. I really do think I've solved all paradoxes, and quite possibly paved the road to a functioning perpetual motion device. If just more computers and physicists were totally interested in perpetual motion, then maybe we would have a real machine before the end of the year. (My intellectual books are also worth checking out). So far, I'm always looking for more web traffic. I'm a web traffic addict. As for human relationships, that's a much more difficult thing.

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