Friday, May 22, 2015


In case you're seeing double, this is yet another dimensionism post. I think it adds some content to the previous descriptions.

[Current Dimension 3.5]

1: Computation: Coherency / Incoherency

1.5: Energy Potential: Like insects trying to grow up into atom bombs.
Prophecy: Foolish reason.

2: Manifesting Complexity: The 'demonstrating new tricks' mentality.

2.5: Motivation or Art: The way a cartoon liquor ad seems to be trying to decide about human issues. Prophecy: Thoughts will rise.

3: Manifesting Perfection: This time freedom involves the essential ingredient of  functionality.

3.5: Completeness / Identity: Things are trying to realize the meaning of perfect forms, ideally. Prophecy: the idealizers will be epitomized.

4: Things are seeking permanence and intellectualization.

4.5: People are seeking fruits of their labors in the lower dimensions, including new selfless paradigms and new attributes of the acquired rank of dimensionality. Prophecy: The new idea divides the ideation.

5: Thoughts are divided between the World and the Zinne, the Zinne being a concept of an entity's manifest influence in the world.

5.5: Greater emphasis is placed on exceptions and how to realize them. Prophecy: The entity lives in a corner of the world.

6: Physics acquires interesting rules. A greater number of entitites is permitted.

6.5: Exceptions are formalized into technologies. Perfection is open-ended. Prophecy: Old patterns are reformed.

7: Rise of natural idealizations. Hard rationalizations are used to interface with dimensional nature.

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