Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Project Ouroboros" / Government project in perpetual motion

Introductory Notes

I mean this seriously (seriously). I have had a dream of the Ouroboros. Two choices: it means philosophy, or it means perpetual motion. Actually, the majority favors perpetual motion, because it might be both. Maybe project Ouroboros already exists and it is currently called Black Star or Lego Spring. I don't know.

This has nothing to do with April Fool's Day. I argue that the government should open a project for functional perpetual motion machines. Remember, that the understanding of fools will change if perpetual motion is invented. Fools will be celebrated. To quote the proverb, "Folly will have become wise". It is even possible that April Fools will be re-named Perpetual Motion Day. Or, perhaps folly will still be frowned upon, and the inventors will be seen as geniuses. History is in balance.

What are other contenders for the Ouroboros Project?

The government might consider dominating the universe to be a similar project worthy of the name. However, in some ways that project might be less practical, if perpetual motion is in the least bit possible.

Things the Government should do about Ouroboros

*Fund small-scale research in any project that significantly questions the laws of physics. Such as my projects at

*Follow the separate, specific process for testing perpetual motion in a laboratory HERE.

*Fund basic experimentation on individual principles, such as 1, 2. And others at HERE.

*Ultimate contingency: if proven, invest in industries to mass produce the devices.

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