Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Book: Symbolics, companion to Sublimism


Just over 100 pages, this small and significant book combines knowledge and a high degree of selectivity, combined with insightful articles and primary descriptions to give the symbols nerd just what he or she needs: a dose of logic, meaning, and expert commentary, all from someone who has had a life-long passion for symbolism. In this volume, he explores the nature of symbolism, illustrating over 100 examples, including pagodas, fractals, birds of paradise, metaphysical systems, and many others selected for their symbolic importance.

The Kindle edition is already available at the Amazon store HERE.

The book is designed as a sort of companion volume for Sublimism, which was published earlier.


Something of a manifesto, this work is themed on collecting examples of Sublimist art and literature. The author draws entirely from his own work as an artist, poet, and philosopher. More than just several graphical illustrations are present here expressing something like what a genuine Sublimist movement would be----or, nay, IS. Coppedge draws on several examples from Romanticism and the modern poets to support his claim that history has projected all the way into the sublime. He also provides instructions aimed towards training the reader in the art of the sublime. For those interested in Nathan Coppedge's Hyper-Cubism, here is another prospective movement which is not entirely without redeeming virtue.

The text and Kindle versions of Sublimism can be found HERE.

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