Friday, April 3, 2015

Message to Conspiracy [at]

I'm repeating this message for people's convenience, and because it is the next step in my plan for a global perpetual motion 'revolution':

Now that I have watched the video, I can say what I often say online, which is that less of history has taken place than people think: only about 45 X 45 years since the year 0. Widespread slavery and the absence of hardware stores goes a long way towards explaining the apparent lack of perpetual motion machines. As for myself, I have conducted at least three experiments which seem to suggest some type of perpetual energy is possible. 1. The successful over-unity experiment 1, searchable on youtube, in which a marble was caused to move by a counterweight and then lifted the counterweight without losing altitude, 2. The motive mass experiment, in which it was proven that two equal weights can chain-react when one of them is supported, and both roll, 3. The numerous Escher Machine or master angle experiments, in which it was shown that so far as I know, an object can roll upwards from rest under certain conditions in which a backboard provides momentum and horizontal displacement is greater than vertical. I will e-mail this message to the above address as well. More at my website at

You may also be interested in my "Project Ouroboros" which is only an April Fool's joke in the sense that it is not really a government project so far as I know...:

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