Saturday, April 25, 2015


Newtonian mechanics says that levers have an advantage and objects roll downhill, while thermodynamics says that energy disappears! If some properties have advantages, in theory energy does not disappear, becauset the energy is unbalanced! Call it asymmetric entropy theory. Also, if relativity implies that space-time measures energy in terms of its presence and absence---as I believe is possible---then asymmetric energy is nothing other than a perpetual motion machine! There would be no need to think of the entire universe as the only unit of this perpetual motion machine, because any system in which asymmetric entropy functions would have the same perpetual properties as a perpetual universe!

Time crystals are structures which are argued to have no observable moving parts in the third dimension, but may have dynamic properties in the fourth dimension.
But they say, it is only perpetual if you can extract energy! So, why isn't a time crystal just an agglomeration of fixed properties that exist in the fourth dimension? Apparently, believing in time crystals is the same thing as believing perpetual motion is possible! Only it is not a perpetual motion machine!

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