Friday, April 24, 2015

According to the Inventor: Perpetual Motion as Fantasy Vs. Real Life

Fantasy: The inventor has the biggest Eureka moment, and invents cold fusion, a complicated device that is incomprhensible to ordinary mortals.

Real Life: The inventor is playing catch-up with history. He just happens to be lucky enough to have an idea that should have arrived a long time ago.

Fantasy: The inventor has one big idea. Soon other inventors arrive that have even better ideas. Each of the inventors gets equal credit for a 'new age of perpetual innovation'.

Real Life: There is only one inventor, and the others are frauds. The high of inventing is shared by a select few individuals, who over the course of extended history, realize what was done, if it ever gets realized at all. The inventor has to live 500 years to see the implications of his inventions.

Fantasy: Cheers go around. The inventor is handed a second-hand cigar.

Real Life: The inventor doesn't smoke. With no public recognition, he goes to his regular therapy appointment, where he shows a video demonstration to his therapist on her last day of work.

Fantasy: The inventor becomes a billionaire over night, signing corporate contracts to sell things ranging from energy stations to T-shirts and toys. Believing his personal objects to have some kind of magic, things he merely touches sell for huge sums during his life time.

Real Life: After having published diagrams for nine years, the public is still NUMB.


New, fairly conclusive video about the Escher Machine:

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