Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well into the Top 2,000,000 Websites

1,879,534 current alexa rank (

332,276th in the U.S.

I have been Google-Ranked 3 for a long time.

150 followers on twitter fairly recently.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcoming Amazon Customer Reviews

for those that have purchased my books on Amazon.

Just becuause you're afraid to write the review doesn't mean it has to be two stars, right?

Most of the books can be found on my Amazon Author profile HERE.

Reiterating My Prediction

If the Dow hits 18,000 there will be a need to build perpetual motion.

Now the Dow has hit 18,000...

Con Perpetual Motion, According to the Critics

"Sure, Nathan, but is gravity a conservative force or not? If you can prove that it isn't, after you publish your peer-reviewed paper, you'd best start packing for Stockholm, because a Nobel won't be long in coming. On the other hand, if it is, then you're fooling yourself--no matter how complicated you make the path a mass follows, gravity is still a conservative force and you gain nothing." ---Asterix

"So SHOW the exceptions; the video does not do it."----ngepro

"You seem to be confusing power with energy." ---Asterix

"Your video is so bad that it's almost impossible to see the level and certainly not good enough to see where the bubble is. But that hasn't stopped you from continuing to repeat the same nonsense over and over. Balls do not roll up hill against gravity by themselves, end of story. I'm no longer going to stroke your ego" ---Disillusioned Guest

"The second [video] is too dark to really see what you have. The others here are right in telling you to build it better and you will learn from doing that." ---Temporal Visitor / guest

"Oh, please, you have got to be kidding me. That level is a _line level_ and a cheap one at that..." ---TinselKoala

"It's worth noting that I could build a system that appears to do this with the aid of a few hidden solenoids, sensors and a power source so a video of this happening is again only the start point of replications and achieving a consensus that it really works for everyone."---Simon Derricutt

See Also: "Pro" Perpetual Motion, According to Critics

Pro Perpetual Motion, According to the Critics

"Sometimes someone comes up with an idea that is against consensus opinion and seems crazy, but actually works. Look at Einstein, for example. If someone is prepared to spend years working on a theory, we should at least listen to it if it's put forward politely as this was."---Simon Derricutt

"...ditch the cardboard, make some proper rigid setups with believable measurements, and improve your video style".---Tinsel Koala

"One of Nathan's arguments made sense to me : 'There is at least one loophole, called the problem of proportionality. If a system can make special use of geometry to find a special efficiency in the way objects move, then physics laws might be moot, because there might be "hidden exponents".' - In my structural engineering terms I would phrase that : 'Give a structure a degree of freedom without causing collapse and utilize that free degree in such a way as to do work'."---Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson

See Also; "Con" Perpetual Motion, According to Critics

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Emotional Turbulence

I have been struggling with my pride and confidence in relation to my recent article published at, which has received some negative comments. Not much praise, but a lot of apparent encouragement to test and discover errors.

My mother and stepfather were having a secret meeting to discuss family issues, supposedly not related to me. They get really tense and angry, and I have a suspicion that they're debating the state of my intelligence. I think my mother thinks I'm a genius, but my stepfather thinks I'm an imbecile for thinking about perpetual motion machines.

Meanwhile, I had my last meeting with my recent therapist, in which she wanted me to express what my goals are for my future. So I spat out something about how I want to improve my sanity and possibly eventually go on a lower dose of medication, and she seemed non-plussed, which didn't seem good for me emotionally.

My father plans to have me visit him this summer, and I'm supposed to talk to my mother about it (even though I live on my own, I don't have a car to get to the airport), but she's been angry at me for eavesdropping on the conversation, and supposedly because I spend all the time at her house on the internet, and not acting like an animated actor from television, or a rich macho hockey player role model.

I also have the Ozy Genius Awards, which might give me a $10,000 grant to hire programmers to work on my corporate dream project. It would be a lot of extra work (the deadline is September), but is one of the few potential cards I've ever had towards developing real career potential.

My First Co-Author / Editor

Mark Dansie is my first co-author/ editor. He is an admin at

See the recent article on my perpetual motion machines: [April 21st, 2015]

If you would like to co-author an article with Nathan Coppedge, particularly on philosophy or perpetual motion machines, then contact me at my e-mail: contact [at] .

You may wish to review my academic articles beforehand. These can be seen at:


"The good isn't always limited!"

"Infinite efficiency occurs in degrees!"

"Find the master angle!"

"A fool might succeed / So a genius might prosper!"

"Success brings success!"

"No more burning fossil fuels!"

"42 impossibilities before breakfast!"

"The impossible... / Well, it happened"

"Impossibility happens / Like John Dunne or the inventor of over-unity"

"Corporate America didn't predict I'd break my neck on a perpetual motion machine"


Newtonian mechanics says that levers have an advantage and objects roll downhill, while thermodynamics says that energy disappears! If some properties have advantages, in theory energy does not disappear, becauset the energy is unbalanced! Call it asymmetric entropy theory. Also, if relativity implies that space-time measures energy in terms of its presence and absence---as I believe is possible---then asymmetric energy is nothing other than a perpetual motion machine! There would be no need to think of the entire universe as the only unit of this perpetual motion machine, because any system in which asymmetric entropy functions would have the same perpetual properties as a perpetual universe!

Time crystals are structures which are argued to have no observable moving parts in the third dimension, but may have dynamic properties in the fourth dimension.
But they say, it is only perpetual if you can extract energy! So, why isn't a time crystal just an agglomeration of fixed properties that exist in the fourth dimension? Apparently, believing in time crystals is the same thing as believing perpetual motion is possible! Only it is not a perpetual motion machine!

Friday, April 24, 2015

According to the Inventor: Perpetual Motion as Fantasy Vs. Real Life

Fantasy: The inventor has the biggest Eureka moment, and invents cold fusion, a complicated device that is incomprhensible to ordinary mortals.

Real Life: The inventor is playing catch-up with history. He just happens to be lucky enough to have an idea that should have arrived a long time ago.

Fantasy: The inventor has one big idea. Soon other inventors arrive that have even better ideas. Each of the inventors gets equal credit for a 'new age of perpetual innovation'.

Real Life: There is only one inventor, and the others are frauds. The high of inventing is shared by a select few individuals, who over the course of extended history, realize what was done, if it ever gets realized at all. The inventor has to live 500 years to see the implications of his inventions.

Fantasy: Cheers go around. The inventor is handed a second-hand cigar.

Real Life: The inventor doesn't smoke. With no public recognition, he goes to his regular therapy appointment, where he shows a video demonstration to his therapist on her last day of work.

Fantasy: The inventor becomes a billionaire over night, signing corporate contracts to sell things ranging from energy stations to T-shirts and toys. Believing his personal objects to have some kind of magic, things he merely touches sell for huge sums during his life time.

Real Life: After having published diagrams for nine years, the public is still NUMB.


New, fairly conclusive video about the Escher Machine:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Book: Symbolics, companion to Sublimism


Just over 100 pages, this small and significant book combines knowledge and a high degree of selectivity, combined with insightful articles and primary descriptions to give the symbols nerd just what he or she needs: a dose of logic, meaning, and expert commentary, all from someone who has had a life-long passion for symbolism. In this volume, he explores the nature of symbolism, illustrating over 100 examples, including pagodas, fractals, birds of paradise, metaphysical systems, and many others selected for their symbolic importance.

The Kindle edition is already available at the Amazon store HERE.

The book is designed as a sort of companion volume for Sublimism, which was published earlier.


Something of a manifesto, this work is themed on collecting examples of Sublimist art and literature. The author draws entirely from his own work as an artist, poet, and philosopher. More than just several graphical illustrations are present here expressing something like what a genuine Sublimist movement would be----or, nay, IS. Coppedge draws on several examples from Romanticism and the modern poets to support his claim that history has projected all the way into the sublime. He also provides instructions aimed towards training the reader in the art of the sublime. For those interested in Nathan Coppedge's Hyper-Cubism, here is another prospective movement which is not entirely without redeeming virtue.

The text and Kindle versions of Sublimism can be found HERE.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Article at Revolution-Green

I wrote an article on my perpetual motion machines. It was accepted at

Any kind of publicity seems like a good move at this point. It's like self-preservation.

Here is a link to the article:

Unfortunately, they are the primary publishers of the joke article saying "Congress Repeals Ban on Perpetual Motion Machines".

Wouldn't it be ironic if they were also the first mass media to find real PMM!

I also have activity at YOURINGENUITY.COM.

(The) Magical Diet or Philosopher's Diet

The Buddha is known to have died by over-eating pork. At other times, he ate little or nothing. This seems to show a magical view of food. In a similar view, one might eat a few delicacies (chocolate or pudding, perhaps), instead of meat and potatoes. But what are the dangers of this view? For one thing, it might sometimes lead to a less healthy diet. But, on the other hand, because of the ‘magical diet’ mentality, it might lead to less food consumed overall. The answer is to have enjoyable alternatives to plain fruit and nuts and milk, while also continuing not to over-consume. When it becomes obvious that over consuming chocolate is not a good idea, a small amount of exercise and some exotic fruits might compensate for the chocolate that was consumed. Fruits like sweetened cranberries (‘Craisins’) can supplement for candy. Chocolate milk can be used to replace soft drinks. A diet high in carbohydrates can help cut back on sugar and meat consumption. The magical diet involves two primary aspects: eating only special foods, and not eating a large amount of them. Then add a third part, which is being more discerning about your diet.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Recent Quotes (April 2015)

"Some forms of art may even remember the future" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Sometimes the best thing for fools is horrible for the intelligence of children" ---Nathan Coppedge

"The most flattering recognitions are a vanity of the times" ---Nathan Coppedge

"The word inhuman is the primary supporter of capital punishment" ---Nathan Coppedge

More of my quotes at POEMHUNTER.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


From The Dimensional Universalist's Toolkit, an as-yet-unpublished work, describing in a suprisingly complex way how consciousness arises and is gradually modified:

1. First, there is some sort of relevance for consciousness.
2. Second, if something experiences pleasure, it can be motivated to have consciousness.
3. Third, intelligence arises from the interaction of similarly-experiencing selves. Each organism’s first encounters define what it means to have experience.
4. The process of biological defaulting leaves certain paths to follow, and the process of imitation leaves fewer alternatives than main options.
5. If there are exceptions, they are at this point defined by de facto intelligence, not biology per se.
6. Civilization and the animals undergo an ‘encounter with the opposites’ which provides the essential technology for change.
7. A second nature arises at this point which determines that group intelligence is determined by outside, exceptional conditions.
8. At this point, consciousness in a valuistic sense is about defining information and other factors which pre-figure the exceptional conditions of reality.
9. A second phase sets in when it is realized that this is a value-take-all scenario. However, the application is sometimes subtle. Some organisms do clever things for minor rewards, while others take all and find it still qualifies as wishful thinking.
10. There is a return to materialism. The conditions which have been defining how everything works all along become the real winners. Nothing is left for individuals.
11. Exceptional success becomes the only mark of progress. Most of the time, commonsense and democracy and war take over. But, sometimes, gradually, new paradigms emerge and change the whole playing field. Sometimes history is forgotten.

Friday, April 10, 2015








Above 150 Followers on Twitter for the First Time

And, is only 19 times less popular than Donald Simanek's perpetual motion webpage, currently (2,259,680 Alexa Rank Vs. 115,490).




Every Day Before April 18TH, 2015


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quote from a News Article

“There’s this old saying, ‘You don’t ask Einstein to wash the dishes.’...Brain power gets you in the race, but that’s all it gets you,” ---Earl Hunt. PhD.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I have sold my first copies of the Autobiography of the Inventor of Perpetual Motion

Although I have not built a working perpetual motion machine, I have designed several successful experiments which seem to prove that perpetual motion is possible.

For that reason, I have decided to circumvent the competition and write the book before anyone else does. I can always revise later with new material as my life progresses... But it is unlikely that I will undo the progress made in those experiments...It is hard to prove something impossible that is partly possible.

Here is a link to the bound volume which includes both the Autobiography and the Perpetual Motion Designs & Theory:   * Here is the version without the theories and diagrams.

New mark of progress...

If the stats are to be believed, I have been above 400,000th author on Amazon for six months!


Surprise, Surprise! My baby book has a bestseller rank for now...!

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    New Mark of Success

    I'm averaging slightly over one book sold per day this month for the first time!


    If the average continues for the whole month I will have achieved this year's goal eight months early!

    My author page with books on philosophy, perpetual motion, artwork, and etc. may be viewed on Amazon at:

    Monday, April 6, 2015

    I currently have a bestseller rank...

      Saturday, April 4, 2015

      Bestseller Rank for The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit (Kindle Edition)

      Click on the link if you are thinking of purchasing the book. If you have already purchased the book in the past, consider writing a review!

      Recent Quotes (Late March - Early April)

      "The only thing without meaning is the economy of meaning" ---Nathan Coppedge, to be published in the Spiritual Writings and Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit Appendix I, Part 2.

      "Coherence does not necessitate many worlds" ---Nathan Coppedge, "Implications of Dimensional Knowledge".

      "Exceptions must be technical" ---Nathan Coppedge, "Implications of Dimensional Knowledge".

      "Each of the cases illustrates a certain exceptionalism. They are restricted cases sort of like a solar-powered computer, or bubbles suspended in the process of carbonation". ---Nathan Coppedge, "Super-Finite Engineering".

      "Transformation (technicalism) occurs through similar states, neutral states, and opposite states". ---Nathan Coppedge, "Implications of Dimensional Knowledge".

      "Opposite states usually exist for separate reasons...Otherwise, opposite states arise through neutrals". ---Nathan Coppedge, "Implications of Dimensional Knowledge".

      "Perhaps the mad are the ones that really receive the message, only because it is, for them, urgent information----a matter of jealousy". ---Nathan Coppedge, "The Voki" (in The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit).

      "Whether they are mad or religious or politicians, the message they receive is that they are in a city, and they hear the messages that concern city-dwellers". ---Nathan Coppedge, "The Voki" (in The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit).

      "The Insistent Instant of light---something more real than light which is merely found".---Nathan Coppedge, to be published in the Spiritual Writings and Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit Appendix I, Part 2.

      "Nothingness. The way of self-adaptation." ----Nathan Coppedge, to be published in the Spiritual Writings and Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit Appendix I, Part 2.

      "So either consciousness is an outlier, or people always get what they want, or there is no way to explain pain, because pain cannot be explained if it is not what someone wants. ...To be sane, the individual has to align with the majority, which involves explaining pain away, or leaving it unexplained. But the self-examined life leads to the rejection of these views" ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories

      "(According to the method of paroxysm), human folly is ultimately solved by inhuman wisdom".---Nathan Coppedge, "Work on Truth and Philosophical Irrationality Vis. Absolutism".

      Additional quotes at:

      Significant Exploration 1: A Journey Into Dimensional Phenomenology

      The video is also available in a more citable form at: 
      As found at:

      42 Mind Seals

      The book is now available on Amazon.


      The concept is borrowed from several pages in The Blue Cliff Record, one of the most venerable Zen Master teachings. A mind seal is essentially a magical communication similar to the legendary magical papers which can be used only once. Only these can be used more than once. They have lasting effects that tend to be subtle, global, or personal, and are often permanent. Forty-two mind seals are included in this collection, including magical themes as basic as life and constitution and as abstruse as immortality, time travel, and perpetual motion. The book features the magical properties of each mind seal in perfect four-part sets for each example, proving that mind seals are objective phenomena which meet particular magical criteria. Readers will be pleased with the depth and vivaciousness of this work, which attempts to turn an abstruse subject from Zen Buddhism into another type of subject---one worthy of aspiring wizards, with sufficient technicalism to convey real magic. The statements, which range from single sentences to long paragraphs, are stated in quotations to mark them off from the descriptive matter. The book is recommended for anyone interested in the occult.

      The book may be found on Amazon HERE.

      Friday, April 3, 2015

      Message to Conspiracy [at]

      I'm repeating this message for people's convenience, and because it is the next step in my plan for a global perpetual motion 'revolution':

      Now that I have watched the video, I can say what I often say online, which is that less of history has taken place than people think: only about 45 X 45 years since the year 0. Widespread slavery and the absence of hardware stores goes a long way towards explaining the apparent lack of perpetual motion machines. As for myself, I have conducted at least three experiments which seem to suggest some type of perpetual energy is possible. 1. The successful over-unity experiment 1, searchable on youtube, in which a marble was caused to move by a counterweight and then lifted the counterweight without losing altitude, 2. The motive mass experiment, in which it was proven that two equal weights can chain-react when one of them is supported, and both roll, 3. The numerous Escher Machine or master angle experiments, in which it was shown that so far as I know, an object can roll upwards from rest under certain conditions in which a backboard provides momentum and horizontal displacement is greater than vertical. I will e-mail this message to the above address as well. More at my website at

      You may also be interested in my "Project Ouroboros" which is only an April Fool's joke in the sense that it is not really a government project so far as I know...:

      See also: My Response to a Three-Star Review:

      And, Three Proofs (3 Proofs of Perpetual Motion):

      Thursday, April 2, 2015

      Photos of Perpetual Motion Experiments

      Above: Motive Mass Experiment (successfully lifted a weight with an equal weight when the first weight was supported horizontally on a slope).

      Above: Trough Leverage Experiment (successfully proved that a weight can be lifted by a counterweight at no net cost of energy).

      Above: Escher Machine Experiment (apparently successful. Seemed to prove an object could roll upwards from rest under specific conditions in which horizontal displacement is greater than vertical displacement and momentum is provided by an angled backboard).

      More photos at: (search in the 'experiments' sections on the left-hand bar, after clicking on individual devices).

      Wednesday, April 1, 2015

      New Article: "General Implications of Dimensional Knowledge"

      (Perhaps if I need an excuse, this could be seen as the first inkling of the new mentality towards fools).

      Secret Principles of Immortality Currently has an Amazon Bestseller Rank on Kindle (seriously)

      "Project Ouroboros" / Government project in perpetual motion

      Introductory Notes

      I mean this seriously (seriously). I have had a dream of the Ouroboros. Two choices: it means philosophy, or it means perpetual motion. Actually, the majority favors perpetual motion, because it might be both. Maybe project Ouroboros already exists and it is currently called Black Star or Lego Spring. I don't know.

      This has nothing to do with April Fool's Day. I argue that the government should open a project for functional perpetual motion machines. Remember, that the understanding of fools will change if perpetual motion is invented. Fools will be celebrated. To quote the proverb, "Folly will have become wise". It is even possible that April Fools will be re-named Perpetual Motion Day. Or, perhaps folly will still be frowned upon, and the inventors will be seen as geniuses. History is in balance.

      What are other contenders for the Ouroboros Project?

      The government might consider dominating the universe to be a similar project worthy of the name. However, in some ways that project might be less practical, if perpetual motion is in the least bit possible.

      Things the Government should do about Ouroboros

      *Fund small-scale research in any project that significantly questions the laws of physics. Such as my projects at

      *Follow the separate, specific process for testing perpetual motion in a laboratory HERE.

      *Fund basic experimentation on individual principles, such as 1, 2. And others at HERE.

      *Ultimate contingency: if proven, invest in industries to mass produce the devices.