Saturday, March 21, 2015

More exposure now possible for perpetual motion concepts

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  • Students looking for more radical principles of perpetual motion may wonder about the following: (1) Combining multiple principles, (2) Cumulative effects, (3) Theoretical energy exponents resulting from fractional efficiencies, (4) Momentum can exist without velocity in the case of a rolling object tethered horizontally on a slope, (5) The question of proportionality advantage, (6) The case of dominoes that do not need to be reset---theoretical, (7) The efficiency of circles and chain-reactions, (8) The principle that friction does not resist everything, (9) The case of a horizontal wheel versus a vertical one --- less resistance, (10) The case of lifting a counterweighted elevator with a lever: it takes energy, but less mass. Students who like these principles will be pleased to visit and to view my video page at: ttps://

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