Tuesday, March 24, 2015

About 166,000 - 220,000 Views

If I add up website views, google+, youtube, academic room videos, recent impressions on twitter, and my views at academia.edu, then I get a number very close to 166,000.

So, most of my traffic has been to nathancoppedge.com, even counting social networking. Otherwise, maybe if I count total twitter since I started advertising, then social media might have a bigger role. But probably not. My website has done okay, until the last several years (it averaged 60 views a day during part of 2008 - 2009, if I remember correctly. I want to get back up there, but it requires finding sites that are willing to host my work).

But if I add all of my tweets from all previous months on twitter, then I get a number closer to 220,000. Consider that during this time I've sold only about 230 books, in spite of all the exposure. More exposure could mean more sales, but it's pretty hard. Usually I have to count on positive reviews and word of mouth unless I can get more press coverage, or a website that is willing to talk about my ideas.

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