Friday, February 13, 2015

The "Coppedge Curve" --- A Rare Concept of Historical Intelligence

"The only man in the world who may have benefited from brain damage"

I have tried to tell if this term fits my life, after reviewing the story of the abduction by John M. which I recently recovered from my memory.

Better worlds were lost, but if it weren't for the crushing ambition to reverse the handicap, perpetual motion, objective knowledge, a solution to all paradoxes, and genuine Hyper-Cubism might not have been invented.

Maybe, for example, someone in Mensa would be more casual about ideas that Nathan took very seriously. Perhaps this seriousness is what makes or breaks this particular form of intelligence.

Maybe I would be sitting in a cafe in Argentina, writing in one of the world's secondary languages, and simply 'emoting' about Derrida or metaphysics, the kind of writing that is all too common, but probably attributable to emotional genius. I find this idea all-too-humorous.

The contrast is explained by an event Nathan calls "Coppedge's Curve"... a specific point in which, after a friend forced him to take PCP in 3rd or 4th grade, he resolved in the instant to be even more genius than otherwise, as if by a diabolical bargain.

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