Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secrets of Sanity for the Mad

1. Don't stare in the mirror.

2. Don't look out the window.

3. Do something harmless and repetitive.

4. Then, do your best to organize.

As a schizophrenic, this was really some of the best advice I could receive, only because the world was so superficial.

Step one, the schizophrenic wants to affirm consciousness, and the world tells them its superficial or scary.

Step two, the schizophrenic wants to test their own perspective, and people say that that scares them.

Step three, the schizophrenic does the only thing society thinks is normal, and society calls them crazy for it.

Step four, the schizophrenic attempts to be sane, and is called eccentric. By this point even the word 'eccentric' hurts. The entire process was rational, from the inside perspective. Perhaps not functional, but rational.

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