Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Recent Wikipedia Rejection Notice

Concerning my recent 'Sandbox' submission for a biography of Nathan Coppedge:

"So far as I can tell from this, you're a fringe researcher writing about yourself, who has been briefly interviewed by a local newspaper about some tangential topics, and has uploaded diagrams and videos onto the internet. Not trying to be a jerk here, just calling it as I see it. You might have the most amazing design ever, but Wikipedia does not make our own judgment calls, we base our information on published works by neutral parties. Once science journals, major newspapers, etc start excitedly covering your work, then we will have an article about you. And one written by someone other than you who finds your work compelling. If you're having [sic] writing about yourself, that doesn't make a very convincing case that other people want to read about you." --- MatthewVanitas

I would say that's not exactly 'soft'. Then again, Rainbow Recycling, Steve Bellwood, and my cog sci-focused philosophy professor are not included, either.

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