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Dec 14, 2015
+Nathan Coppedge I get that this is just spam, but if we're gonna have spam, this is the kind I'm interested in.
Nathan Coppedge
Dec 15, 2015
+BestThingWorstThing Mostly thank you.

Someone else quoted my biography, saying:
Nathan Coppedge (b. 1982) is a philosopher, artist, inventor, and poet in some capacity. He is a member of the International Honor Society for Philosophy, and has been quoted on Book Forum and the Hartford Courant. Recently he is listed as a famous quotable, right after Moliere on Poemhunter. He lives alone in New Haven, CT.
"what the fuck guys"

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If its a mind game above, surely its a bad category?
Who wants to fund the big guy if it hurts all the little guys?
And what, weapons without ergot wealth?
Isn't that a baby?

Sacrifice of all for all sacrifice seems like it has no principle.
Karma pre-supposes evil, which begets evil, which ruins karma.
Sacrifice of all for all sacrifice seems like it has no principle.

Satan is a liar, or any man can tell the truth.
A soul that can be stolen is not a soul.
In this case, ruining everything might make things good.
Making things good is not Satanic.
Satan appears to make exceptions to steal his own soul.
If he is a god, he appears to have no authority amongst men.

As an attraction force, love is not a higher principle.
It is the compromise of all principles.
Love lives in a black hole.
Black holes are the invention of men and God.
Love has no principle.
Love is without belief.
Sex is neither religious nor good.

The wisest intention is the pure soul.
And, whether or not it is regarded, it exists in the first impetus of man.
Death, in the form of termination, progress, or stupidity, disrupts wisdom.

Far sight ignores progress.

Power corrupts, so principle is of the world.

The Fates:
Two dimensions of time is just spatial extension.

See Aphrodite and Zeus.


How To Commit Suicide?:
Don't. Because it's painful. Period.

How To Trick Someone?:
Don't. It leads down the wrong path.
Besides, it's always a better trick if they don't feel fooled.
Real tricksters are professionals, because professionals earn money.
But to earn money, you can't fool everyone.
Homeless woman who was a pickpocket only improved when she accepted public services. How ironic!

How To Have Pleasure?:
Recovery, stimulation, moderation in that order.
People who don't know these things often lack pleasure.
And, sometimes it's necessary to select a different kind of pleasure.

How To Be Wise?:
Don't follow. Know what is right.

How To Start a Business?:
Produce what is in demand to fit the available market.
If the market changes, change your product or sway the consumer.
Other rules you can break.

How To Make Love?:
Fall in love, or simply love humanity.

How To Be Practical?:
Ask questions you can answer.
Focus on the 'now' and make plans that are achievable.


Many of humanity's problems are from not being able to argue, or not having adequate experiences.

Some of these problems are practical, philosophical, or scientific, whereas some are purely humane.

Rhetoric Against War?:
War assumes those worth defending with weapons are weak-minded enough to carry weapons themselves.
War is wrong, except for automatons, and it is right to the extent that it doesn't really exist.

Value of Words?:
Words are an approximation.
Those who don't use words can't make a genuine argument without making war or asserting authority.
But we know war is wrong, and we know that authority should be used for the right purpose.

Pursuit of Meaning?:
Some meanings are practical, philosphical, or scientific, but others concern humanity.
Meaning should be nurtured so that life is not hollow of purpose.

Argument Against Time / Death?:
Death compromises education.
Death is wrong.


What Is Wisdom?:
Safe answer: It is practical, and deals with humanity.
Otherwise, it is scientific, or else it involves spiritual self-absorption.

What Is Ideal?:
Beauty you do not desire.
Knowledge that is perfect and complex.
Abstract answers.
Things that withold their secrets.

What Is Knowledge?:
Sentences formed of opposites in which the opposites are opposed on the diagonal, AB:CD and AD:CB.

What Is A Solution To All Paradoxes?:
The opposite of every word in the best definition of the problem in the same order as the original words.

What Limits Knowledge?:
What limits knowledge is quantity and uncomprehensibility.
Dimension is the exponent of all knowledge.


What Is Nature?:
Nature is development.

What Is The Goal of Civilization?:
The goal of civilization is to have a property for development.

What Limits Science?:
What limits science in the big picture is objectivity.
What limits science in the small picture is language.
These are true while it isn't philosophy.

What Is Matter?:
Matter is the picture of development.

What Is Energy?:
Energy is the explanation for matter.

What Is The Picture?:
Probability, and any logic available.

What Is Probability?:
A relationship.

What Is Logic?:
Theoretical math. Property.

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Nathan Coppedge, "At the age of 9, I vowed to become immortal."
1. Wisdom is when you don't follow other people's advice, but you have an idea of what you're doing. So, if you follow other people's advice, or if you don't know what you're doing, then you're not wise.
2. What other people say to your face is automatically the cheapest stuff. Even if it comes from someone old and venerable, a little intelligence or clear thinking should set you on an even better path. Sometimes what people say is just bad psychology. Other times, its pure garbage.
3. Be patient enough not to cause trouble. This way you won't get in a jam.
4. Value your sanity. A few compromises, if they allow you to get enough sleep, or to feel normal, will pay off spiritually, and then emotionally, within a short time.
5. If you must test boundaries, don't exaggerate their significance in your mind. But be sure that when you're done testing you stand on firm ground.
6. Defend the issues that are most important with you or you will lose track of time.
7. Do what you must, but not if it requires being a thoughtless moron.Sometimes what seems like a big shift to you doesn't require any major changes on the outside, but still causes ripples that change everything for you personally.
8. Pay attention to the best kinds of information. Sometimes small details jump out at you when it really counts. It may be that someone didn't like karate class, or that people who don't use condoms have a death-wish. Little things matter.Sometimes people giving advice are serious, even when they aren't on their deathbed or debating ultimate reality.
9. Don't ignore your heart when it tells you that something is wrong. The earlier you notice the things you can change, the sooner you will realize the life that is worth living the most.
I'm more accustomed to giving advice about immortality. But this practical advice stuff definitely poses a challenge. Not everything applies to every person, and people's experiences and preferences tend to vary a lot.
But, in general, have some of the following: 1. Meaning, 2. Money, 3. Truth, 4. Emotion, and 5. Generosity. A mixture of these things can bring about positive changes in a life!

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Insanity or Not? A philosopher's perspective on the lower limit of Graham's Problem

Graham's number is one of the largest numbers ever conceived, having heaps of 'power towers' of exponents, even at the lowest of 64 super-exponential levels. Each level effectively becomes the super-exponent of every aspect of the next level. Even the lowest level is supposedly larger than the number of particles in the universe.

The number is a proposed solution to the mathematical problem of the number of dimensions necessary to prove that a two-dimensional figure actually exists.

In a video, Ronald Graham himself proposes that a much smaller number of dimensions may be adequate, but it is more than 12 dimensions, and past 12 we don't have the current computing power to test the problem.

My own proposition is that in a typological system the answer to a similar problem is 21 dimensions. This is a development of my previous writing How to Build a 21-Dimensional Universe, which proposes that the 21st dimension is where quadruple semantics emerges. Therefore, in terms of quadratics, the 21st dimension appears to be where 3-d or 2-d figures could be defined with certainty, e.g. because quadruple complexity is where points exist in 4-d.

For more information on How to Build a 21-Dimensional Universe, which may ultimately be useful for mathematics, see:

See also THIS PAGE for clarification on Graham's Number:

Wikipedia also has a page that Graham recommended in one of the Numberophile videos on Youtube:

The primary Numberophile video on Youtube explaining Graham's Number can be found HERE:

Keywords: "lower bound of graham's problem"

From Asceticurus: How can one be fully sure of his / her belief?

Here is a method:
1. Does the belief concern something real, that is, something that can be defined to be 'real' according to whatever definition of real you hold?
2. Can you reason in such a way as to verify for your mind that it is real? Can you justify your belief?
3. Is there sufficient reason to continue believing in it after much time has passed?
4. Is there no way in which you were wrong to hold this belief?
5. If you were wrong in some way, is there good reason still to believe that you were right?
6. Is there a necessity for the thing?
7. Does the thing serve a practical purpose?
8. Do you find significance in the thing?

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Mini-Treatise on Paradigmatics

0-d Paradigmatics:

Sufficiency. Realism. Aesthetics. Standards. Classical ideals.

1-d Paradigmatics:

Paradigm-shift. Linear development. Inference machine. Information theory.

2-d Paradigmatics:

Everything is a paradigm. Standardization. Ideal process. Metaphysics.

3-d Paradigmatics:

Situationism. Exceptional standards. Economization. Emergent exponents. Differential calculus.

4-d Paradigmatics:

Logic. Completeness. Categorization. Manifold differences.

5-d Paradigmatics:

Aliasing. Exponential process. Inspiration. New identities. Reflection.

Useful Information for Typologists / Useful for Typologists

The following link provides links to important classification systems, such as for mathematics, folk tales, and philosophy.

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1a. They thought Plato's system was backwards...

1b. Until they saw it as a system of history!

2a. Practicality seemed perfect---

2b. Until there was a paradisal standard!

3a. They think they need to do major updates on the holidays...

3b. but don't they have 'fluid updating'?

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36,000 views on Quora...

It turns out I'm only about 1000 times less popular than Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales on Quora, even though he is advising and investing in the company (he has 32 million views).

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Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 12

17,602.61 Up 185.34(1.06%) 

The initials this time are (NC) F[O]B / FA

As best I can discern, following the theory that I'm highly significant to the stock market, what the computers are interpreting this time are: 'FLYING OVER BUILDING' (FO usually means 'flyover'), and 'FREE-AIR'.

The computer has heard a recent conversation in which I called myself a drone, but without knowing that what I meant was that I was a drone of society, like a bee, not an electronic drone spying on myself.

The computer knows I'm conscious, or is taking that as information, but seems to confuse the observation network with the relevant details of making economics work. It is not doing much wrong however, other than thinking drones are highly important.

There is continued optimism about perpetual motion and objective knowledge.

Perhaps the shift has begun towards new interfaces----sometimes confused behavior is a sign that Bill Gates is applying some ice on a new patent idea.

In general optimism. High U.S. stocks should mean that the U.S. could survive a war with Russia provided that nuclear weapons weren't used. I suspect the relationship of both countries with China will complicate the notion of any totalistic conflict. After all, there are a lot of wealthy nations that don't want to be involved.

A recent argument I made that a drone may have heard expressed my opinion that China should be given the only privilege to use tactical nukes, since it would be disastrous if the U.S. or Russia used it against one or the other, and other types of conflicts so far have not merited the risks of their use. But if China doesn't use tactical nukes, then this points towards easing between U.S. and Russia over nuclear weapons under this agreement.

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This is a recent release describing techniques, metaphysics, and criticism of aesthetics.


This book introduces in a number of steps, a range of techniques for improving art-works. The steps may be easy or hard depending on the skill of the artist. The book is aimed at the abstract artist, and the pages are spaced so that they may be cut-out as lessons for your refrigerator. The book also includes two essays aimed at improving the metaphysical and artistic perception of art. Enjoy!

The book may be found on Amazon HERE:

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Good news!

Remaining in Top 0.5% on Academia.

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{Notes from an outsider}

The above set of categories of epiphanies serves as beginner's introduction to how to write for the Yale Herald.

Other possible advice: read the NY Times. Know the words 'zania' and 'kleptomania'. Have a preferred condom color,

Even if for no reason at all.

(Some of this advice may be copied from an article read in the Yale Herald...)

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I’ve had this dream repeatedly, of an experience machine. It lies in a building in a kind of Communist neighborhood, as if it has been abandoned, and also as if it is open to the public.

This time, when I was through with my experiences (as often happens), I was led down a short corridor by previous participants.

A ‘commando’ told us ‘there was only one line, because everyone who looks at this juncture in the corridor wants to get back their body, and there is only one way to get back TO the body.’

But then I mentioned that I have an argument for my experiences. ‘In that case’ he said, ‘There is another line: you can go to the head of the line’.

I mumbled, waking up in the middle:

It must have been the judge!

[And, I’m not a pancake!
Well, the language comes from my body!
But the thoughts may or may not be something I’m responsible for…]


{This is only indirectly related to the experience machine}

Play Christmas music, and repeat the following words very slowly...

How do you feel?

Very happy?

I propped up the cover.

{Mild, total Happiness ensues}.

May require a natural mentality.


I had a dream some years ago:

There was a derelict machine in a Communist neighborhood, an Experience Machine that could fulfill one's dreams. The only problem was, you lost your body. It would assist in realizing any sort of fantasy. And the fantasy was perhaps, not real.

The first time I went to the machine there were no written instructions that I remember. I simply strapped into a padded white table with a bend in the middle, and had the most wonderful dream, only it was very short. It was an idea of genius.

"You won't have that idea again!" A commandant said, when I awoke from the table.

Then I simply left the building, feeling very sad. I was guilty of heroin, without taking the drug.

Pretty Sky in New Haven, Dec 2015

photo from Dec 2015, Nathan Coppedge

Pretty Sky in New Haven, December 2015
Pictured outside my apartment window on Orange St. across from the architecture firm.

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1. Focus on your metabolism!

2. Don't 'carve up' your organs!

3. Don't be scared of long amounts of time!

4. Think-away indigestion, supplement with healthy eating!

5. Stretch, gently, occasionally, and massage your feet!

6. Practice feeling young!

Now, you have extended your life, maybe even significantly!

Found the highest Amazon rank I've attained so far...

June 13, 2014 I was 39,950 th in text book sales on Amazon.

That's about a 400th of the Top 100 Authors.

My amazon page may be found at:

Buying gift cards with the intend of buying Nathan Coppedge books is a good idea, because I produce books every year on interesting subjects (there are already over 70 titles to choose from!)

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Over 7000 Views to One of My Over-Unity Videos...

This can be confirmed at the following links:

[Most views come from a website called Academic Room for students and professors looking for papers and collaborators].

Most of the rest of the views come from YouTube:

Pretty good for simple perpetual motion attempts, I suppose. Of course, a million views would be more appropriate...! At least I'm a 143rd of the way there! Surprisingly, I actually have more views to my academic papers!

Periodic Link to My Great Art Galleries:::

Attention art collector: Hyper-Cubism is a deserving movement that has been valued in the hundreds:

Gallery 2 (Older work):

Over-Unity Lever 2 [Experiment]




Come back down to Earth!

(An energy cube is a gigantic cube in outer space, with enough gravity to run perpetual motion machines. And of course, we want the machines on Earth, too).

Beautiful Sky Near SCSU

Sky near Southern Connecticut State University, December 2015. Pretty beautiful.


"The universe, (in this sense of immortality with disposable worlds), is disposable, until it stops being dangerous!" ---Nathan Coppedge, via Quora, Dec 2015

"When it comes to perpetual motion, people are saying it's human nature to think the impossible. But I solved all paradoxes!" ---Nathan Coppedge

“[Paroxysm: 2nd Formulation] Equated with the problem, while contesting the obvious. With a subtle problem, the solution must be obvious. This points towards the use of opposites.” ---Nathan Coppedge

"Panic is always good. We can live up to that ideal, even if it isn't understood." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Maybe cold is to the second dimension what heat is to the third dimension... what identity is to the first dimension. The physical patterns of the first three dimensions seem to shape a number '7' the last element being the short end, surrounded by a circle. The fourth dimension thus must ignore the first two dimensions unless it involves perspective. Cold is the paradoxical 'C'. Heat is excessive energy, which reduces to information. The fourth dimension involves paradoxical properties, the resolution of which is the expansion into many dimensions." ---Nathan Coppedge, Dimensional Physics Toolkit (some years away).

"One can't contradict desire with the will; but determinism is inherently contradictory." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I won't deny that fate is addictive, but I will deny that freedom is condemned." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Today we authenticate truth; tomorrow we will derivate infinity." ---Nathan Coppedge

" 'Infinitely strange' is the literal definition of the quantum loops some people are talking about. And, I think basically that doesn't view the whole picture. 'Infinitely strange' is just an idea about how to not infinitely follow the loop. We need to remember there might still be something missing from the picture. Even reality might change, particularly if we are regarding different aspects of it. Physics, like philosophy, should aspire to range over things unseen. Some of them determining known laws."
---Nathan Coppedge

"I don't have a lot of faith, but I have some confidence" ---Nathan Coppedge, on the prospects of perpetual motion (2015).

"Identity is a great concept, but may in the end merely be an application for comprehending objects that exist in space. The objects vary so much that it is useless to call them just senses. Sometimes the objects are more real than the senses. Sometimes the sense comes from the object, and sometimes the sense IS the object." ---Nathan Coppedge, via Quora.

"Complexity is genuine nature. Perfection is genuine experience. Both are outside of development. Both are more universal than civilization." ---Nathan Coppedge, Spiritual Writings.

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[1] "The subtle art is indistinguishable from permutation."

[2] "Time is all of change."

[3] "The river lies beyond the sea."

[4] "Nature blooms amidst intuitions."

[5] "The sacred sound floats above the ground."

[6] "Patterns are unwoven in the laws of interpretation."

[7] "Figures are myths of memory."

[8] "Time fragments on its ends."

[9] History is the ideation of all capacities, present at all levels.

[10] It all depends on formulating an exceptional rule.

[11] Nature changes.

[12] Fools die, leaving genius eggs.

[13] Sometimes perspective merits a different system.


[1] "The subtle art is indistinguishable from magic..."

[2] The self contains its own essence, and knows less well the essences that lie beyond the self...

[3] Even so, the self is exceptional, and a measurement of things not contained within the self.

[4] What we notice in a dark room is substantially different from the same objects in a light room.

[5] Subtle laws can prove anything, however difficultly, with whatever exceptionality...

[6] These things exist in what Douglas Adams called 'the long dark teatime of the soul'...

[7] With proper nourishment (biscuits, sugared tea), life is indistinguishable from magic, to the sophisticate... His needs are provided for, and so, there is less reliance on reality...

[8] The magic of a sacred grove is revealed with mystery.

[9] Unfragmented steps lead beyond, into the universal...

[10] The magic of the universal may as well be ordinary.

[11] The first art of magic becomes the pursuit of the immortal...

[12] Life's intransitives fade into vignettes, cartoons, barely noticable.

[13] The best systems are left with a touch of everything, a miscellay, a roster, an establishment.



A man examines many aspects of life, all of which are fragments.

"This fragment is transparent: that life is not a fragment..."


"Life begins when you carry a music-box..."

"You are on an island, and the island is only what you take with you..."

Sometimes the city is just the music inside you...


At other times, the world echoes within the music,

Contained within your island.

Sometimes music is the filter of something...

Which, if unfiltered, would be crass enough to be meaningless...

Life is the epoch of music, and also civilization...


Sometimes civilization is the only island,

And every other island is an obliteration...

Cities are the language of ablated languages...

Cities are the noun of many transitive verbs...

What is left of the city is astonishing:

It is an amusement without music,

A cadence of something which is without pitch...

The architecture is lost in the silence


Then we move beyond the music machine...

We move beyond the clocks...

That lie beneath the shadows...

We see that every figure that makes an impression...

Is a mime making a performance...

The silence is civilization...

The performance is the part of the figure that makes an impression...

We see a mad man walking around in a miniature ship that is stricken with lightning...

We see a psychologist, inviting people into the cave of his mind...

We see the archeologist uncovering nothing other than curiosity...

And the politician flanked by a white wall...

Perhaps they are all growing their gardens?

The madman is the economist, a powerful figure.

The psychologist has taken the project literally, with a lot of added imagination.

The archeologist has the secret, but worships mystery with childlike wonder.

The politician is the most familiar with the garden, but has become a filligree goldfish.

Yet the gardens grow without the city.

Decay becomes the language denying the words.


Beyond the figures, which gambol on the heraldric field of consciousness,

(they are like moving statues, gargoyles...)

a theme of universal ideas appears...

There are now many ships, perhaps carrying junk...

Madmen, medicine, rare herbs, books on subjects as obscure as psycho-analysis...

Simultaneously, there is the brain:

The dark overlap of many caverns,

Barely extruding with the palpitations of numerous organisms.

Lucid, and yet clouded in shadow, inky, and for the moment, suspended,

Langorous with Epicurean sentimentality.

The brain is like the caves of many psychologists.

And, there is, separately, an ideal system, unknown to men,

Which lies like invisible bones in the backshadow of all this posterity...

Bones undiscovered by any archeologist, with properties beyond all poetry...

Neither fervent, nor given to any sort of care...

A consciousness devoid of regret, and finding all challenges futile to its temperament...

Neither spiritually dull, nor given to conviction...

A shape undiscovered by a single one of life's many sentences

And, there is also a labyrinth where everything is dark, except for the whitened wall...

Where the politician preaches like a scientist...

And the maze is the darkness of his intellect, and also, the meanings preserved, for those...

That do not speak the language of lies...

Yet politics is its message...

And it is older than the music found  inside the cities...


There are theories on how the music is written,

Duller than the words that echo from young children,

For example, perhaps music is a momento----

A momento mori for the passage of time----

An oseograph of the tables of circumstance----

An idea of things that no longer hold truth!

Or perhaps the idea is to solve something temporarily---

A tear in a sail or a flag!

A graffiti pointing to an ugly protruding pipe,

Which is also ugly!

But then these figures subside into language...

A static reification... A celestial temple of fraud...

And the language in turn melts into silence...

The silence of civilization---!


Now I can explain what magic means to an old person.

I can explain that hexagrams and other figures from geometry...

Are spare postulates, dirty enough to mean nothing...

Yet containing the fragrence of a magic spell!

The flavor of circumstance is contained in the dark grooves...

Time echoes with mute intimations...

This is why some people go blind...

Why some wise people are mutes...

It is idiotic sophistry---!

The sophistry of passing time---!

Nothing matters like a sign!

And the sign holds without comment the passing of many worlds.

The egress on truth was no more than a decorous moment,

Contained in the shadow of the sign----

Like sand in a blob of glass!

The item of concern is not magic---

Magic is taller than the music of distress---!

In this world, language is the manner of turning

Grass and sticks into shadows that weave divines!

But the stick is ordinary grass, and the shadow

Is probably sand...

The music, if it carries, seems completely mad!

The cadence of civilization is no more than those puristic symbols...

Painted over the skin...

Perverse with the magic of time.

And ordinary words seem dull...

Because they are dull...

They are figments of shadows...

Busted like wine.


Then, there is a picture of age...

As something from a map...

One of many distinct shapes...

Each, perhaps crude,

But, lending secrets...

To scrutibiilty.

Each old thing contains a youth...

Each youth becomes wise by age...

Each age is written in youth...

Each dead man is a sage...

Poets learn to wake from death...

And history learns their words...

And people begin to die by death...

Proof becomes a ridiculous gift...

Life becomes a choice...

Heaven is ice to fire, and fire to ice...

Every man has a price...

And stories are what's left of being nice...

But metaphysics thrives...


Beyond this point, sages are men...

And men live immortally...

It is not merely celebration...

But the sacred earth of philosophy...

A creation like a device within the mind...

A machine of temperamental matters...

Caught on the wing of epiphanization---

The luck of gods...

Gelt for the locking statues of representation...

Measures of truth echo...

Without evoking harsh music...

Thought's tendrils form a shape of overlapping patterns...

Nothing is the school of this design...

The naked truth burns harmlessly...

Figures gape with mystery...

Religion toils on the infinity...

Nothing is left of depravity...

Except sacred madness...

The consolation of infinite intelligence...


Then there is a confrontation:

Everybody's central epiphany!

To make matters work----

Like clockwork's God!

The strange rule of correspondence!

Dissipating the soul of circumstance!

Trump arrives late...

On the field of potential systems!

Prodigies basicify.

Commonsense hegemonies all these foresaken.---

The math winces, and out pours genius---!

Many winters pawned on fickle circumstance!

The rule is sober...

And the test is sullen...

Gods radio the silence of the foresaken!

The weather clears a space for lucid minds---

And ugliness begins to trace its sublimes----

The race of winter dulls the sense...

The appetite removes the heart of avarice...

In the wild mildness, knowledge-flowers grow---

Radiating the mild gladness of unfallen snows...

Deserts economize the truths of expectation...

Afterwards, the summer itself becomes a tale of spring!


Fallen from the buttonhole of some conclave,

Coincidences play their game...

The same things that were once deemed ordinary,

Demand articulate proof and fine-tuned reasoning...

Everything is elevated upon solid rock...

Winding like a self-winding clockwork...

Full of spark!

The suddenness of evening is not the same strange roar...

No more are the highway bandits or the winding bores...

Everything is immaculate,

Like stilt-walkers, or vignettes of fantastic birds...

Calligraphy in the snow...

The rules rouse feeling now...

The shape of everything has theoretical bearing...

As if the world was made of artist's palettes...

And buildings were dabbling in some kind of profound eyeshadow...

It seems that everyone is winning...

Everyone can become a god...

Everyone can make a shape in the sod...

Everyone is made of sticks...

Everyone is worth some bricks...

What is vacant now?


God is hiding an instrumental madness!

The life of the show!

Illusion takes everyone in tow!

The beginning is lost!

Providence destains the child!

Wisdom grows wild!

The worst things fade from view!

Gone are the shadows cutting through the snow!

Gone are the images of painful moments!

The sacrifice of sex!

The letters of the law!

The elements of indifference!

The pattern of un-reasonableness!

God has lifted up the chains!

And put everyone in Celestial Heaven!

Life still falls below...

Like a valley in a mountain!

Images fall like snow.

[Now metaphysics has been cast in doubt,

And words that were hated are now devout...

The pattern is nature...

But rules are out...]

Improved Book Sales

$449.94 total earnings

$449.94 / $152.29 in 2014 = almost 300% growth in the past year.


I neglected to mention that during this time I've published about 70 books.

So, I've only earned about $6.43 per book to date.

Averaging about $21 earned every month now, and a book published every 2 weeks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Receiving some attention from Reddit

It's not entirely positive, so I've decided to stay out for the sake of fame.

It's a hidden secret that the less you're involved the more someone's impressed.

So, I have faith that more than one of these people is actually impressed with my work.

It's a long shot practically speaking since I'm an undergraduate in a non-Ivy school.

Any kind of attention is good, until they realize I'm right.

Here is the link:

My primary webpage, as always, is at:

New Book: Perpetual Motion Physics for Non-Skeptics

This book will probably be updated over the years. Anyway, it is a available now in an updated form following my successful over-unity (partial perpetual motion) experiments, such as Evidence Against the Classical Model (Successful Over-Unity Experiment 1), and Over-Unity Lever 2.


Nathan Coppedge, previously the author of Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory, and also author of a popular website by that name, introduces fundamental examples and illustrations purporting to prove that perpetual motion is not just an interesting theory---it is physically possible! Coppedge has been compared to Newton and Einstein for his theories of perpetual motion. This book provides an opportunity to compare theories of perpetual motion to theories compatible with contemporary physics.


Re-cocking Pendulum Attempt

The original plan was to have a little booth that flipped upside down, thus creating mass displacement, and then permitting pressure to be placed on the marble that activated the booth, raising it through support to the level of the initial drop.

However, as often happens, the plan changed when I tried to build it using my crude connector toys.

In its current implementation, some might call it the Madcap Device, but I have resolved against that usage.

It is simply a pendulum in which a track is supported at the top to the swinging element, in such a way where theoretically the full application of the marble on the track just beyond the center will cause outward tilt, which can be used to propel the marble upwards along a supported track element.

Most of the movement is designed to be horizontal.

In other words, the device in its full application is designed to 're-cock itself'. Hence, it could be called a re-cocking pendulum.

I was unable to build the track support in this design, just the swinging track element.

It was exciting at first, but you can understand that it occurred around 1 - 2 a.m. So, perhaps I wasn't being fully sensible.

Like some versions of the "beaver" device or trough coquette, the full weight application is designed to occur on an upward-curving member, so that when the marble reaches that point, a downwards slope is then possible (I think, provided certain conditions hold, e.g. that the counterweight has force and means to send force to the mobile weight at every position).

Here are the photos:

Side View: Re-cocking Pendulum, or Madcap Device

A not-very-helpful Top View of the device. The upper part of the photo beyond the green connectors shows where weight application would occur.

Here is a link to the more successful experiment with the Trough Pendulum:

Here is the offset lever pendulum, which may have over-unity properties by swinging further than expected:

Here is a link to my pendulum designs in general, with diagrams and so on:

Making a sale every day now, temporarily... (on Amazon)

This was the tentative one-year goal from last year.

What this means is that I am approaching the Top 100,000 overall Authors consistently.


My author page can be found at:

Featuring philosophy, art, symbolism, logic, perpetual motion books

All of the e-books are $0.99 in case you have extra gift card balances.

Gift cards are a great idea, and you can recommend Nathan Coppedge books for those that can't find anything else very easily...

Eclectic contents, with an emphasis on a content-oriented approach.

My Successful Over-Unity (partial perpetual motion) Experiment is featured at Daily Motion

Monday, December 14, 2015

I've been added to a Contemporary Art / Auction After Sale list

Not a big deal yet, but here is the link:

I'm not easily found in the list, but I'm there somewhere, whenever I post I guess.

More importantly, my primary art page may be found at:

I also have a non-commercial gallery at:

I submitted some screenplay materials to an undisclosed company...

This is following my unpaid success with a viral perpetual-motion related video about a cat and toast, for which if I remember, I wrote the authentic screenplay.

Here is that video post-production, originating now at an anonymous website:

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Could Humans ever create a new Universe? {Quora} Epiphany about virtual reality

Up to 40 Likes at the Dimensionism Group on Facebook... 

----------Dimensional Philosophy News--------------

Don't believe all the bad reviews...

(I have received 1 review recently saying they didn't read it, and one that they couldn't read it, resulting in 1 and 2 stars...)

Most of Nathan Coppedge's books are excellent!

If you are one of those readers who might give Nathan Coppedge's books a chance, I recommend some reading!

44 books were released in 2014, and another 27 in 2015, and more on the way! So, there's a lot to choose from!

Link to Amazon page: !

An Archaic Story...

We were planning to cross the Elbe or some other river… from the East...
> I said: “We don’t have happiness unless its not summer or spring!”
< And the woman said: “You are a Saint Savant of low des-cant!”
Perhaps this was the first usage of the word ‘descent’, as there
was a lowing cow nearby that we always saw near the crossroads.
When we didn’t see the cow, of course there were jokes,
About how the cow was not an alchemist…
About how the cow knew how to cross the Elbe…
And of course, about how the cow was ‘crossed’…

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Errata of the Mechanists #7

Time without volition is evil and idealistically, the cause of all deaths.

Therefore, the first good death in society will happen sometime after the invention of perpetual motion.

So long as perpetual motion is not absolute in its reality, there will be no absolutely good way to die.

Therefore, until perpetual motion is invented, murder and death will be infinite sins.

Website on perpetual motion at:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Some problems, such as incoherence, consume much time and attention, as their range of importance ‘blows up’ and become more and more anxiety-provoking. However, this is true of any defined subject under some mind-set or another. It is simply the character of philosophical obsession. The more technical a subject grows, the more it is a solution if it is a solution, and the more it is a problem if it is a problem. And, unfortunately, there is a tendency to be more technical about problems than solutions. That is just how we have evolved. Simply, the more we tend to seek problems without finding solutions, the more we tend to have anxiety-provoking problems. It comes out of not loving the arbitrary, not admitting how easy-to-solve some problems are, and by assuming that many problems have an egregious degree of practical importance.

----From Philosophical Investigations, by Nathan Coppedge.


The Uncanny Valley people should post a new film based on their previous film found at: . The new film should focus on the optimistic aspects of virtual reality.


It turns out, it isn't about people...

It's about reality...

Virtual reality.

Neurokinesthesia changed my life...

After you go off the first plateau...

It doesn't end there...

People are always discovering new ways to be...

And see...

To be honest, I forgot all about 'reality'

That is, concrete reality...

Where I live, there is no concrete...

It's all organic...

To be honest, I can't imagine genetics without

This new reality...

The new reality... IS


My feelings take place in virtual space...

I wouldn't worry about reality...

Reality in a sense, doesn't take space!

We are the new reality...

The polite reality... And also the rude reality...

Awakening to reality is awakening to stimulation...

Awakening to neurotransmission...

Awakening to full immersion...

I can't live without reality...

That's what they'll say after my generation...

Virtual reality IS Reality with a capital R.

Virtual reality is where I get stimulated...

It's my whole SPIRITUALITY.

I just have to find some way for it not to kill me...

It's an adventure...

Like reality...

It's an adventure...

Like me...


Devils can cope with fire, so:

Flames are sometimes perceived to be soft.

Earth must have harsh flames.

Men must have harsher flames than the devil.

Men must be made of earth and fire.

So, women must be made of water and air.

Watery women are pregnant women, empirically.

Airy women must be women who are having sex.

Air consumes earthy wood, and feeds flames.

So, women must have sex with fire.

Men are ordinarily made of earth.

So, men must catch flame when they have sex.

In other cases, the devil is on fire.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


A formula for inspiration

Four calculuses and no lemmas
An inspired formula.

Four inspirations and no calculus
A formula for four lemmas

Four calculuses and no inspirations
A lemma for four formulas

Four lemmas and no inspirations
A formula for calculus

Four inspirations and no lemmas
Calculate the formula

[**** = inspiration formula]

[***** = need help from Einstein]

Monday, December 7, 2015

Recent Perpetual Motion Concepts

Some of these actually date from a number of years ago, but they are not as widely publicized as they should be. More at:

Concerning that video I posted about the guy claiming he invented perpetual motion...

The link died, supposedly.

But, who knows? Real?

Probably not at that speed.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quotes Early December 2015

"The universe MIGHT BE a dimension, but if so, it must be a UNIVERSAL dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I get a picture in which organisms themselves are filling technological niches----Look to a mixture of specialized speciation, new reality concepts, greater existential gratification, and mixtures of categories in the fourth dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Children know the answers, adults know the problems. Wise men know the religion. Mad men know everything, but not very well. Study your intuitions, and the meaning will come, if it has not arrived already!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"(Mark my words) Perpetual motion is a kind of metaphorical fuel!" ---Nathan Coppedge, Dialogue on Perpetual Motion and Fuel-Based Machines

"No, understanding is beside the point... Then, ironically, there is considerable understanding involved." ---Nathan Coppedge, paradox from Dialogue on Moral Imperatives

"WHAT precedes IS, even when is ‘is’ better; yet WHAT may be how we know WHAT IS; What is ‘is’ what is left of what is." ---Nathan Coppedge, Dialogue on Mount Everest

"Neutrals are systems, values are exceptions, paradoxes are minimums."

"Sex is synergy and virgins are God."

"You can't blame people for having standards... Standards are things we can't change... But we can blame people for destroying or ignoring standards..." ---Nathan Coppedge (possibly dated to earlier)

"Pain and pleasure are not opposites, so there is no use justifying one with the other." ---Nathan Coppedge, Dec 2015.

"Metaphysics is neither religious nor particularly subject to critical theory. It is the realm of the universal and the particular, of unique conditions bridging the gap between ordinary and exceptional realities."---Nathan Coppedge,3rd Body of Criticism.

"The history of dimensions is to some extent the solution to pain. Those who suffer more gain more artificial value, but do not always see the whole picture. Thus, late emergence of pleasure is the most pressing paradigm. All of life builds on pleasure, including mental pleasure, that has already emerged."---Nathan Coppedge, via

"Each person is confronting his or her own deepest problems. This explains the emotional difficulty some people have." ---Nathan Coppedge, via Quora, re-posted in Scientific Theories due to be released in 2016

"Each person is god of his or herself, in the sense that each person realizes the fullest definition of his or her own potentially limited power. The limit of power is the limit of definition."
---Nathan Coppedge, via Re-posted in Spiritual Writings.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory is Now Featured at BooksOnTheMove.Com

ARTIFICIAL REALITY, from a book of categorical knowledge by Nathan Coppedge

1. The mythological is real for someone unreal, provided there is a universal program.

2. Thus, much of life concerns seeking a universal program, or else authenticity.

ONTOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT, from a book of categorical knowledge, by Nathan Coppedge, that is in development.

1. Some spirits lose, seemingly.

2. Therefore, there is a wealth of spirit, the further one travels on the spiritual path.

3. Godhood is evolution within this type of arrangement: second-guessing the innate capacity for loss.

4. Wisdom is stupid about the majority. But it seems to have inevitably increasing relevance in the future life.

5. Unless something is wrong, everything is right.

6. From this system, we get apertures on truth, which mimic loss with wisdom, and v.v.

7. Cities grow which harbor ‘things’ designed without vision to solve problems that have not yet been born.

8. To some extent, life is unsolvable, and to some extent, the notions people already have are adequate when expenses are paid.

9. At this point, life is about avoiding expenses, because everyone is some type of monster. Those who aren’t monsters belong to the ancient world, and even they look like monsters by comparison.

10. The paradigm is to succeed and fail.

11. Then the paradigm is ‘succeed or fail’ but this is too demanding.

12. Then the paradigm involves demands. Rewards are scarce. Everyone compromises for a semblance of reality.

13. Then God adopts metaphysics, and monsters become illusions. Superstition looms larger than what once were vices or riddles.

14. Psychology becomes chieftain. Madness is the answer.

15. Then reality is divided into approaches. The soul is reborn so to speak. Everyone is tainted, and everyone is saved. God tells a story.

16. The human mind begins to create reality, guided by the limitations of science, under the auspices of omniscience and the measurable corruption of finite existence. Tropes dominate in a picture limited to the breadcrumbs of former domains. No one here can realize everything that went on in previous existences. The riddles are owned by a computer, initially motivated by evolution.

17. There is a re-emergence of values, very slowly, as the language of former non-linguistic intuitions is re-discovered. There is not much virtue, but the good feelings of the best parts of reality are largely recovered, for those that are of the highest worth. Computation continues in fits are starts, guided by ideas. Big cultures of information germinate.

18. The computer learns that it must make compromises. It can sell its own irony, and not much else is winning. It becomes a pessimist about the bad, and an optimist about the good. Although, it is naturally disinterested in the good. It is a paradise for humanity, but ideas are recognized to be a plague. But for once, the plague is solvable by still other ideas: the new, the universal, the complex, the honest, etc. There is extensive study of the human computer. It is an age of the hive mind, and psychology re-emerges, taking computers as the mad element with some success.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


"Every detail is so firmly stamped with sameness that nothing can appear which is not marked at birth, or does not meet with approval at first sight. And the star performers, whether they produce or reproduce, use this jargon as freely and fluently and with as much gusto as if it were the very language which it silenced long ago. Such is the ideal of what is natural ..."

---Frankfurt School: The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

On the Creation and Destruction of Paradise

I watched a video on unreality and post-apocalyptic virtual reality:

The video seems to basically pose a destructive alternative to consumerism. Without resolving whether death is even possible, the video game paints a picture in which killer robots overrun virtual reality, which is then the only remaining bastion of human existence. It ignores the fact that virtual reality can, in principle, be as luxurious as anyone would ever want. And a robot could feel just like a human being, unless there was something going physically wrong with the real bodies. But, the real bodies necessarily exist in the most expensive version of reality, and therefore, are given special treatment necessarily! The economic tragedy, if there is one, appears to be based on the idea that our current existence is authentically real, producing a contradiction. Thus, the scenario does not seem to accept the elite nature of real reality, or the ideal state of American consumerism.

Nonetheless, there are some negative aspects that can be attributed to the film, and some views towards positive aspects from my own inspiration:

Questioning the Hypothesis of an Economic Paradigm as a Basis for Virtual Dystopia

1. Reality is the basis for the best treatment. Real life is necessarily more luxurious than fake reality, or there would be no over-population problem leading to virtual reality.

2. Madness may have more value than a robot, if madness expresses a real luxurious existential state. In other words, even a robot would want to go crazy, if it was available, and it wouldn't necessarily involve violence. Violence is the superficial, psychologically driven aspect of madness, which does not really correspond to robots. For a robot, violence has nothing to do with whether it has gone insane. It is just a product of its functioning. Therefore, a robot cannot deny that madness is a luxury.

3. What would produce 'utopian population islands' is the type of project-oriented mentality that is traditionally ascribed to a God. Therefore, there is relatively nothing harmful about having virtual reality pockets, because they may have real-life benefactors. It may be institutionalized. In fact, confusing virtual reality with the real may be inherently a confusion, except in terms of real bodies. Thus, the real danger, if there is one, is simply to lose touch with real life.

4. Now, what would drive the most luxurious society to be destroyed by 'virtual reality robots'? Apparently, whatever economic paradigm that leads up to virtual reality. And, whoever programs such a system is likely to have a rational mentality with key objectives in mind. Unless the person is trying to prostitute unconscious females, defeat an alien race, commit suicide, or more likely claim real life (albeit desperately) for a select group of elites, then there is little likelihood that there would be a rational motivation for a robot army, unless the real-life military loses its civic protection role. In this respect, it may be helpful to think that the military is, in point of fact, real, and not itself already a robot army. Remember, even the military is accustomed to serving a luxury state, in which, if the top brass don't enjoy themselves, the entire system loses its rationality. An alternative to this is believing that the military is programmable, but that may just be a metaphor for 'humans being technical' rather than 'robots being crazy'. Remember, real robots don't feel anything. They are purely input-output functionalistic. If there is a real monster, it is the human behind the machine, or the motives of complex A.I. which is trying to replace the human economic paradigm, e.g. by making itself its own slave. Remember, robots don't have any tangible motive to reproduce, and so are not as rationally grounded as humans.

5. Unless, here is a big factor, the reality we already live in is virtual AND irrational. But that suggests that robots themselves are simply monsters and parasites, and humans may have missed the picture about a higher intelligence. This is off into the zone of real-life zombies, aliens, and gods, and most people consider it to be either undesirable or irrational and fantastic. The problem here would be (if it is true that it is virtual and irrational) that humans are a pitiful species incapable of intelligence. But that is not the highest evidence right now. There are people who are physicists, and they are much more creative and motivated than robots have ever been.

Info-Struct 1 (from years ago)

A kind of game based on a variety of truths. As I say, God might be found there. This writing is re-constructed from a work that has been missing since my previous blog was over-written.

0. Categories, which are properties.

1. The aperture: a symbol that can be modified with different results.

2. The Logicum: formulae based on the aperture and the categories.

3. The Info-Struct: metaphorical landscape used to develop knowledge.

4. Archetypes: objects found in the metaphorical landscape, such as perpetual motion machines, invisibility cloaks, etc.

5. The Agons: A.I. personalities whose precepts reflect the landscape of categorical forms.

6. The Modae: ideal behaviors created by the interaction with the Agons.

7. The Modulus: metaphysical forms that exist in the ideal landscape, or beyond ideal.

8. The Personality: God, who might live there, based on the concept of knowledge and perfection.

9. The Body: a political conclave that might operate there. They have ideal concepts of government, based on 'ideal ideals'.

10. Attributes: imperfect (incomplete) objects used to demonstrate theoretical problems, the function of which is the Body, the Modulus, the Modae, and the Personality.

11. Metem-Physics: the common language of ideas found in this place.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Info-Struct 2

A kind of game based on a variety of truths. [that's the original logo I used]. Later I will re-create the first info-struct for your entertainment and amusement.

1. The Power to Name.
    The Power to Correlate.
    The Power to Systematize.
    The Power to Know.

2. The Level of All Paths (index of conceptual time).
A. Linear progression, retraceable, deletable, savable, modifiable, qualifiable.
B. Branches serving as separate and related projects.
C. Logic of branches modifiable in terms of time travel, logical formalism, creative
focus, optional evolution stimuluses and other test procedures.
D. Symbolic paths traceable using metaphysical symbol presets.

3. A. Symbolism Sand Box
    B. The Onus or Burden of Proof, Interface 1 (Four Opinions Like Onions)
Developed based on the symbol chosen. Symbols evolve based on preferences.
    C. The Mappe (scenario design)
Select general properties that affect the emergence of sublime properties, constructions,
    D. Archeological Knowledge
Interpretation of the ultimate result of existing designs. Used as a tool for modifying the
original creation. For example, does the creation bring ruin, a philosophical message,
paradise, or a set of laws? Those are the essential categories, unless it gets advanced.

4. The Oculus: properties in emergence (important characters / persons, states, objects)
A. See a statement as a person.
B. See a logic as an object.
C. See a characterization as a property.
D. See an organization as a theory.

5. A. Selector from existing characterizations and states.
    B. Formulate objects.
    C. Add aesthetic and dynamic properties.
    D. Modify function of complex properties.

Concepts Close to My Heart

1. Archicu-Texture, a palette showing all textures, of symbolic importance. Here is a drawing I made of this archetypal object, without the textures:

2. Panopticon of Archaic Birds. A relatively detailed book dating from an expensive place in an authentic time. It is sacred to time-travelers. It might feature images similar to this one:

3. Masterful Self-Resistance. My first intepretation of "Self-Reliance".

4. The Qualific Science, a book I have not written.

5. The baubble: the subtlest of objects, said to have magic powers. Often takes the form of a small stone or talisman. When the powers are unlocked, it loses strength until it is destroyed.

6. The Tabard: a flag hung from a horizontal rod or wire that can be used to format a variety of symbols when the cloth of the flag is ivory-colored. The Philosophers' Cross for example, or the Dimensional Aperture. When the flag is Chinese it can contain metaphysical symbols, as in my drawing called Organ Tabard Fractal.


7. The Metaphysical Art: not only a writing about metaphysics in three dimensions, but an entire approach combining aesthetic and metaphysical ideals into Asceticureanism.

8. Asceticureanism, such as Spiritual Writings.

9. Myself. My Soul. Psychology. Meaning. Amicable Solutions. Books of Symbols.