Saturday, December 20, 2014

Things I May Have Invented

1. Objective reality (Cartesianism with qualities).
2. Many dimensional perspectives (Hyper-Cubism).
3. The opposite of a paradox (the paroxysm in my usage).
4. The Cartesian method of stars (one interpretation of diagrams, if they are 'star' diagrams)
5. Iterations of zero: the second concept of zero, called the Volit.
6. The decimal system in a past life, e.g. first ten numbers.
7. Black holes in a past life when gifted by God to make a choice to determine human challenges.
8. Romanticism and palindromes as Marie d' Antoinette.
9. The word 'poverty' and the book, as a Chinese boy.
10. Systemontology as R.V. Winkl, a self-named man.
11. Lip-reading, as a gunner recovering his hearing.
12. The Roichu, a precedent for the yin-yang.
13. Astonishment (in Egypt).
14. Theory (called Feri) also in Egypt.
15. The name Gilgamesh.
16. 'Small wits' as Ann Bolyn.
17. The physical island of Japan, as a Chinese god.
18. Immortal zodiac concept as a Chinese god.
19. Kwang Fu Do: the invisible art.
20. Ambergris, if memory doesn't serve.

Hard to believe, but maybe some of it is true!

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