Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Discovery!

I distinguish the fourth dimension from time, calling time 'variablistic', in my paper: The Dimensional Truth of Objects "Ab Origine". The result in this case is four laws which describe a four-dimensional world, much like our own three-dimensional world (in my humble opinion):


1. Realities are immunities.
2. Problems are isomorphized.
3. Problems are not global, and
4. Ideals are not idealizations.

Kind of like:

1. Defies definitions
2. More crap
3. Good stuff
4. Less shit.


Searching the web, there are exactly 72 results for 'Perflexity'.

Eilanier-Stargazer writes in a poem:

"there is perflexity / that claims my sanity" (2005).

Another site claims, similarly, quoting  Jurgen Reeder: ”Articulating perflexity, rather than guiding, is what ethics is all about.” (2006).

Similarly, a June 2008 document mentions:
"[The] many pitfalls and perflexities during [An Nyong Haseyo's] stay at Saint Louis College"

It is also mentioned in a document called the Sixth Annual Conference-Convention of the Cantor's Assembly and Department of Music of the United Synagogue of America, in reference to some sort of "old perflexity" about emptiness.

Two other documents refer to an obscure figure named Mithri-dates, both spelled with a hyphen.

In a document called "Convict(ion)" by Maya Vicente L. (2012), the word is used differently, as a biblical inflection (although, so far as I know, she is not quoting the bible directly):
"...[Y]our source of wisdom for all your perflexities?"

This biblical sense is clearly different from the use of perflexity as a solution to the fourth dimensional problem. And clearly cobwebs is not what people should look for, either.

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