Monday, December 22, 2014

Improved Sales

A recent assessment shows that Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory is up about 300% in the past 6 months, and The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit is up about 200% over last year.

Update: I've made over $1 / day on the perpetual motion book this month.

Admittedly I'm doing about 700% better than last holiday season, but I've published almost all of my books since then, so it's hard to gauge what the difference could mean. I've also found a new self-publisher, which could make a big difference. It certainly has for me.

Link to my Amazon Page.

And, a few fiction titles under my pseudonym, Master Kuo.

I also publish fiction under my primary name, when it's primary. But I'm not saying that Lessons of the Master or The Story of Master Wu are bad books. Indeed, they're very well written, but they come out through a secondary personality. The secondary personality may be more successful, but that's for the reader to determine. I had to take on an alternate identity to write those books. But if I combine multiple identities in the same volume, as I did with Dramatis Personae: Stories for Inventing History, then it becomes a primary volume.

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