Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I mentioned someone

from the Non-Objective art movement at the Hyper-Cubism Group on Facebook:

Those who would like to see examples of Hyper-Cubism may visit my Hyper-Cubism Gallery on Etsy, or that group page.

I also have a partly color art book available (not glossy pages, but it's less expensive than most art books by a factor of 1/2): Nathan Coppedge's Hyper-Cubism: Post-Cubist Drawings and Paintings ---currently only available as an e-book unfortunately. Hopefully in-print again next year.

Another, perhaps equally good book featuring Hyper-Cubism I also wrote this year, which is High Art: A Guide to Artistic Perfection, which is purely black and white and thus easier to print.

Remember, Amazon gift certificates work for physical printed book also, not just e-books.

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