Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gaining Ground as an Author

1-month record above 400,000th authorrank now.

6-month record above 500,000th authorrank now.

Gaining approximately 100,000 ranks every 6 months.

at this rate, I'll be in the top 100,000 permanently in 2 years.

There's also some chance that the growth is more exponential.

For example, I made almost 30X the sales I did last December.

It's still not a lot of money, but exponential growth is a good sign.

Good news, overall.

Link to Nathan Coppedge's Author Page HERE.


Mephestic said...

Hi Nathan,

Congratulations on your improved success with your books. I read your previous post where you stated you were hoping to improve on these and its nice to see this has happened.

I wondered if I could borrow a moment of your time if it wasn't too much trouble on a different matter.

I run a psychology website which is moderately popular among students and I noticed you have a section for psychology links on your website lower down on the left.

I wondered if you would be so kind as to add my website among these website resources please if it wasn't too much trouble - I would be incredibly grateful too for the linkback.

I started the website less than a year ago but its already helped many thousands of students (theirs pictures on the website) and I am just desperately trying to grow it further. The website is known as Loopa Psychology and its URL is here:

Apologies for the random email - I am grateful for your time either way and hopefully i'll hear from you.

Best of luck in your book endeavours also and a happy new year.


Nathan Coppedge said...

Mephestic: You will see a comment in your e-mail which notifies you that I've added the link under psychology links. The main page was not general-interest enough, but the links page was helpful. Thanks.

Mephestic said...

Nathan! You truly are a gentleman!

I really appreciate it! thank you!

I've not read of your other delivery channels for your books but one thing that got me started on my own journey was ibooks author and delivering my books through itunes - it may be worth checking out?

Either way best of luck in your endeavours and I will check up on you now and then for your latest posts :)


Nathan Coppedge said...

Thank you!