Saturday, December 20, 2014

Early Method Re-Discovered and Expanded

I re-discovered an early method from my philosophy, and it's almost as if it came from a past life!

The simple process involves creating opposites around an eight-pointed star, and combining the neighboring points of the star.

Because all the points are equally valid, and there are so many of them, one is free to combine them in many possible ways, so long as a sequence is followed.

Formally speaking, one should begin at the beginning and follow  the circle counter-clockwise.

Thus, the first truths involve the figure as a whole, while the last truth involves bridging between the last and the first.

Interestingly, the method applies itself equally to overlapping asymmetrical figures, so long as they are regular polygons. Thus, the system implies greater flexibility with asymmetry than I have achieved with the later systems.

The phrase 'Thaumoctopus Rhodedendron' is the inspiration for the method.

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