Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dimensional Mythology, (part 1)

"The Ware of the Neutrals": The Emergence of the Systems of the Fourth Dimension.

Editions withheld until their name appealed... 'complicit in this' the ware remained the same, with all the colors of the different. Whose ware was in? Whose fortune beheld? The Editions of names spelled out a world. But it was not the same. Or rather, it was the same, and so different. The fortunes of names each beheld a world. And each world beheld a change. Change took place within. The outer surface was the new world. Within, systems took shape. And in between was the ware. The world survived. And so did the change. The ware survived in the names. And so far as fortune, it survived. Beyond the meaning of the ware.

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