Saturday, November 29, 2014

"The Telos" by Nathan Coppedge (maybe part of a larger work eventually)

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What we have conceived of resembles Plato's system...

Yes, there is a class of immortals, a class of tacticals, and a class appeased by passion.

Now, surely we will try to integrate these parts, if we are to find harmony.

How, for example, could I integrate 'immortality' with 'tactics'?

We have already described the immortals as being more thoughtful than the others.

At least, they are concerned with something less transient.

For example, I said that 'tactics' is required because of neediness.

If we ignore long-term tactics, that seems to be the case...

Now, if I am eternity, I certainly have a weak enemy, whom I try to agree with.


And this 'enemy' would be called 'modularity' I suppose.

Modularity is an enemy you could duel with, to try to establish harmony.

The end result would surely be more dimensional!

For sure!

And if I am not a god, then surely I would wish to be more dimensional!

I am in agreement.

What people want appears to be a dimensional world, as I suspected!

That is what you have suggested, but what are our options for a dimensional world?

Of course, what we mean by a dimensional world is a world that is easier and more interesting!

Wouldn't everyone inevitably migrate towards such a world?

Except for those unfortunates who do not conceive of a life of peace!

I suppose soldiers would seem unfortunate, because they expect war.

War is obviously not what we mean by this form of evolution.

Then what are the weaknesses?

The weakness of reality appears to be fantastic 'unreality'.

How so?

Well, death and everything that brings death is ideally unreal.

How could we oppose desire?

We might define a world as a place for appreciating both reality and unreality.

What if unreality is the gentlest concept that can be applied to our reality?

That seems obvious, now that I think of it!

What if unreality is the most meaningful concept that can be applied to our reality?

Then we would inevitably migrate to somewhere more interesting!

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