Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Contingency List: The Subtle Inspirations for Perpetual Motion

a tin basin: specific angularities, smoothness, and sturdiness.

an aquatrave: this medieval device could lift water with leverage, causing it to pour out at a higher level.

carpenter's bezel: this was for carving beveled angles in wood. Lends subtlety to leverage.

children's seesaw: made balanced forces seem like an industrial principle.

balancing scales: proves the principle of equilibrizing.

magnet: the subtle forces that don't require a magnet, but are proven by it.

pressure plates: a differential force principle.

pivot-point: if weight bearing can create long horizontal motions, displacement may repeat the cycle.

photons: these seem to filter through space without expending energy, b/c no mass.

graphical diagrams: graphics don't seem to require energy, and can represent systems.

beads: beads can make small differences, but the difference is there.

cables: strong materials might make a critical difference.

Less subtle: Mass, Fusion, Cities.

See also my earlier article: Sources of Inspiration for Perpetual Motion.

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