Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weirdest Things I Have Ever Seen

I saw my life flash before my eyes, and saw the world in slow motion when I fell down some stairs as a child.

Once when I was watching a children's film in preschool, one of the children turned around and his or her face looked like the face of a horrible old woman. Perhaps he or she was wearing a mask, or someone with an aging syndrome, or one of the teachers, or a hallucination.

I saw a sewer lid close over my head once when a school tour of the sewer went wrong. Some of the students had unscrewed the bottom of the ladder and let it fall, and I had to prop it up and jump, and then push the sewer lid up with my legs to get out. There was oncoming traffic and I had to duck in and wait for a car's tire to be pulled out of the open lid. I must have been about 10 years old.

Once I was on a plane, looking for weird fiends like from the Twilight Zone, and I saw a plane pass by very close to the wing. It was during a storm, so its as if we might have crashed. Another time a larger plane I was flying in almost ran off the runway.

The only time I went to Niagara Falls I thought I saw a homemade submarine go over the brink.

Once I saw a blimp with an electronic message which read: "Fuck you... Brian" and I thought they were talking to my younger brother, so I almost had a jealousy panic attack.

I once saw a helicopter crash into a building in New Haven, CT. The windows actually sort of rippled. It burned out part of three floors, and they ran a news story the next day saying the pilot had lost control.

Once when I was pushed over a boat, I thought I saw a great white shark underneath the water. The guy who pushed me seemed to be saying something about how he was aiming for the mouth. But I didn't have time to wait around. Later on my pants got stuck on something as I was swimming and I somehow pried it off. Hopefully it wasn't a shark tooth.

Once or twice I saw a Facebook page that looked like ordinary witches practicing with magical light.

Once I saw a $1 million or $10 million dollar bill slip from the window of a limousine (it was reddish, as some very large bills are). But I didn't pick it up, thinking I'd have to sell my soul to keep the money, and it might be fake anyway. To my knowledge, the car never drove back for it. But I don't know who picked it up, or if they got to keep the money.

I once saw someone taking heroin through their neck under a neck brace at Starbucks. He was caught when he tried to rob some dollars from another Starbucks patron. He told the police he had killed two people to get money for drugs. Another time I saw a drug addict in the bathroom at a medical center, and my mother told me he was probably doing it legally.

Although I don't do drugs, I have visually hallucinated several times due to my schizophrenia. I have had visions of a transparent squirmy creature, a black, square sun, a transparent bicyclist, and later a floating transparent video camera. I haven't had any major visual hallucinations since 2009.

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