Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Recent Activities

As some may know, I have been on sick leave from being a student at SCSU.

Here are some things I've been doing meanwhile:

* Book projects: About 4 printed pages a day (2 full-length written pages) for over two months, on encyclopedias alone. Some other projects have been completed very quickly on the side, including 6 or so new members of the Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide series. Get the Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Historic Deaths in time for Halloween.

* Posting on Twitter and promoting my books on my blog.

* My webstats addiction for my two websites, blog, and twitter, and now my academic standing for my published papers on and (still top 5% I think).

* Occasional sketches, and going to a local cafe that allows me to give art away for free (although in my city it's illegal to SELL art in cafes, except to friends and relatives).

* Waiting around for the stupid visiting nurse service I arranged when my mental health problem got worse a number of years ago.

* Cuddling with my excellent stuffed animal that I've named Emend Coppedge. He is in the form of a small beluga whale, and formerly used to sing 'baby beluga' songs when he got squeezed. Since then, the internal battery has run out, but I still pretend the little plastic parts are his heart. Emend looks kind of like the animal pictured in the cartoon above, except without any button on his back.

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