Friday, October 31, 2014

I've theorized that I have 50 / 100 ability points

in Perpetual Motion!

The missing fools of the deck are popularity and seduction.

Leonardo da Vinci might have 60 points if he is given points for precedent, but only 20 if he would not do better now (also, future systems might give me a smaller number of points).

After all, Da Vinci gave up on perpetual motion, so the reality of perpetual motion is up to those with more points, like me, or maybe a lucky electrician (although not the electrician according to my arguments against expending energy), or someone with a lot of information and manufacturing skills.

It may be that in this I'm assuming that my devices work, which is what many enthusiasts assume, which is the critical folly of judgment (even though functioning obviously depends on optimism up to a point).

Here is some evidence that I may have an advantage on Da Vinci:

*I have caused a marble to roll upwards of its own volition, using a sideways angle: The Escher Machine.

*I have solved a devious proportionality problem with the Motive Mass Machine Iteration 2.

That's about all the evidence I have, besides my crude equations. I have a lot more minor accomplishments, and a few videos, too.

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